What is NFT? How to Create an NFT Marketing Strategy?

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An NFT marketing strategy helps you expand the reach of your target audience, build trusting relationships and increase your revenue. NFTs are becoming increasingly popular and NFT marketing campaigns are becoming a hot topic. Let the numbers explain: 

Online marketplace OpenSea is now worth $13.3 billion after $300 million in investments. 

NFT trade volume has increased by $23 billion compared to last year, a growth of more than 20,000%.

What is NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. The meaning of NFTs is actually not that complicated and mind-boggling. The full name Non Fungible Token, NFT stands for non-fungible token. In essence, it’s a one-of-a-kind digital asset that belongs only to you. Popularized in both the financial and art worlds, NFT is a unique identifier that can prove ownership of digital goods. Although we explain it in the simplest terms, the purpose of the NFT’s existence doesn’t make much sense to people. Nowadays, paying for downloadable videos and images is considered strange by many people.

The Difference Between NFT and Other Cryptocurrencies:

Cryptocurrencies can be traded, sold, or tokenized, to coin a new phrase. However, NFTs are a digital asset that has value and can be collected, but they cannot be traded because they are unique. Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are traded. They are traded on specialized platforms like OpenSea.

These tokens can be any digital asset you create on social media, such as artwork, videos, tweets, websites, images, stories and more, and NFTs turn them into unique and verifiable properties for trading on the blockchain.

One example: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet, which read “just setting up my twitter,” as an NFT for $2.9 million.

How To Use Digital Marketing For NFTs?

First of all, quality digital marketing helps your brand get in front of the right audience in the most effective way in a competitive digital world. To create a strategic plan, we need to keep up with the latest developments and changing conditions. This is where NFTs come in. Interestingly, NFTs offer many opportunities for digital marketing.

Let’s find out how NFTs marketing strategies can help brands with digital marketing:

Create a Unique Brand Experience 

Today, brand experience is the reason why people choose one brand over others. NFTs can help you create a unique experience by collaborating with artists and content creators. What they do in marketplaces is to promote your brand through an engaging experience. For this, you need to create a specific communication language. As a result, you should be more visible, more memorable and above all more interesting.

Expand Audience Reach

First, by entering NFT marketplaces, you will reach a new audience. Marketplaces have a diverse community of digital creators, art collectors, young and experienced entrepreneurs. The more up-to-date your NFTs are and the more real value they have, the more people are ready to buy your products. The more NFTs you create, the more people will notice you. As people get to know you and talk about you, these interactions on NFT marketplaces will allow you to grow your customer base. Reaching more potential buyers means a higher chance of making a sale.

Build a Community

Customers generally prefer brands that communicate with them. For NFT owners, the most popular platform is Twitter. Almost everyone has a Twitter account to build a community or share NFT collections. By engaging with your audience on a platform they enjoy using, you can create conversations for your brand and build online NFT communities. Additionally, building close relationships builds customer loyalty, which is essential for brands to survive in vast and highly competitive markets.

Build Interest in Your Brand 

Being a pioneer in your industry helps you get noticed. People love living brands. When you offer new experiences to the online community, you draw attention to your brand. Therefore, your NFTs will increase conversions and sales. NFT marketing is a great opportunity as a growing field. Be sure to examine your competitors. Think about what you can do differently from them. When you do these, you can increase brand visibility on these platforms even with a simple marketing project.

Digital Marketing Strategies for NFT

As the popularity of NFTs has grown, so has the demand to create an effective NFT marketing strategy. With so many NFT markets, there are many opportunities for brands to create NFT marketing campaigns.To achieve the desired result, working with an established NFT marketing agency may be suitable for you. You can apply different marketing strategies to promote your NFTs. 

Here are some examples of digital marketing strategies that help NFTs achieve their business goals:

NFT Listings

This means that if you want to get into NFT marketing, listing your NFTs is your first digital marketing strategy. Create your NFT and make it available on NFT marketplaces for listing.

Influencer Marketing

People now trust and buy more from influencers than companies. Influencer marketing has become extremely common these days. Therefore, it would be extremely beneficial to communicate with an NFT Influencer about your products. This way, your NFT projects can attract the attention of the target demographic. 

Paid Ads 

We all love organic traffic; however, paid ads are still one of the most effective methods. Paid ads will give you a wider reach and an active online presence, including in the NFT world. This is why paid ads are indispensable in NFT marketing services. You can use popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google for paid ads. With effective social media management and search engine optimization, you can have an active online presence and therefore visibility. If you finance the advertising budget wisely, you will reach a large audience and you will not pay too much. 

Discord and Telegram Marketing

Community development is the foundation for marketing your NFT projects to a global audience. Apps like Discord and Telegram also help you connect with your target audience. Discord is a real-time communication platform that helps build NFT communities. It allows you to create servers or channels for talking about NFTs. You can also advertise your NFT projects by sharing caps, GIFs and other images. Telegram is a cloud-based communication service with multimedia features where users can send large files. It is ideal for reaching different audiences and providing support where possible.

Email marketing

Email marketing ensures regular communication with potential buyers, customers, sponsors and your target audience. Sending newsletters, announcements, press releases and other information to interested users builds user trust and increases company credibility. First, identify your target audience and find out where they spend most of their time. We need to collect their email addresses through campaigns, contests or other means. Finally, create useful and engaging content and publish it regularly.

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