What is Swirl 3D Advertising? How is it implemented?


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Swirl 3D

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What Is Swirl 3D?

With Swirl 3D, brands around the world will now be able to publish their products in 3D on Google Ads. Google, which announced the beta version of its 3D Ad model Swirl last year, recently announced that it has opened Swirl to users all over the world. 

Swirl 3D, which can be used in Google’s Display and Video 360 ad models, was designed with the mobile web experience in mind. Opened to brands such as Guerlain, Nissan and Adidas in beta, Swirl allows users to examine products in detail. In the new advertising model, which offers a lifelike experience, users can zoom in on 3D products and rotate them 360 degrees.

Designed with the mobile web experience in mind, Swirl 3D is used in Google’s Display and Video 360 ad models. Sellers who want to create Swirl campaigns must first upload Swirl 3D products to the Google Web Designer tool. Then, if you want to edit the 3D models you have created, you can reorganize them using Google’s Poly tool. However, some products may not have 3D modeling yet. This is where CGtrader comes into play. You can do 3D modeling with this application. With so many 3D designers on the platform, it’s a great way for vendors to bring a new experience to their brands.

Nissan used this 3D ad model to promote its Qashqai SUV and Adidas used it to promote its Ultra Boost shoes, which saw more engagement than usual.

Also, it may be wrong to focus only on product promotion in Swirl 3D campaigns. The focus should be on increasing engagement with more creative ideas. For example, Purina took some steps with Swirl to feature dogs instead of selling dog food. The brand, which enabled users to play the “go fetch” game with a 3D dog model, also increased its interaction.

How Is Swirl 3D Implemented?

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