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All SEO optimizers want to reach large audiences on Youtube and websites. 

This is because visual content is one of the most favored media elements to describe what a brand or a service is. 

What you need to do is optimize your Youtube channels, accounts and websites according to the criteria requested by the algorithm and users. 

We prepared this article for you to act as a roadmap for while making your optimizations.  Tune in for Youtube & Website optimization advice.

We took the extra mile to compile information for you on how to position videos on your Website and YouTube, and how they should be optimized. Happy reading!

  • Embed a YouTube Video in a Web Page 🎥

It is very important to embed videos on a webpage in a way that does not affect the size nor the speed of the website. 

It is also quite difficult for Google to rate or rank the source media files for types like .mp4 or .avi. 

The search engine will almost always rank the page containing an embedded video, whether it’s a web page or a channel on YouTube. 

Other features include: Automatic playback, annotations, determining the suitable size, and starting the video at the desired timestamp.

We recommend using attributes such as Lazy-Loading and Async to improve page performance.

  •  Video Content Pages 📹 📑

Web Page content such as: variety blog posts, interviews, newsletters, etc., are prepared in a way where videos are significantly featured. In this case, it is very important to put the videos in the “Above the Fold” area. 

Showing Google that the video is the primary piece of content on a web page contributes to its enhanced ranking and performance.

When it comes to providing optimizations for quality visual content on a web page, it is necessary to follow these criteria:

–       Page Title: It should be identical to or very similar to the video title.

–       H1 Titles: It should be similar to the video’s titles. 

–       Video Description: Explanations should be written to encourage users to watch the video. A summarized description should be written.  

–       Transcript: It is recommended to edit the text to make it accessible for users who don’t have audio access, or who are hearing impaired.  

–       Structured Data Markup: The page must have a “” markup prepared.

  • Pages Using Videos As Supporting Content

You can easily explain narratives on how the service is provided or how the product is made by integrating visuals in a sales oriented website. 

For example, as in most recipe websites, it is possible to explain a step-by-step recipe on how to make a certain food using a short video. 🍲 

Optimizing and creating a video oriented webpage may require less effort than pages where the primary content is any other visual element (infographics, images, etc.)

You might need different optimizations for the transcript so that the content is not perceived as too long or boring. 🥱

–       A description or at least a title: Putting descriptive text next to the video helps users and search engines understand it.  

–       Transcript: A simple transcript would be perfect as the video is not considered the focal point of the page. Therefore, a few lines at the end of the page will suffice & won’t distract the reader from the main content.

–       Structured Data Markup: As long as there is video content on a page, structured data markups should be used regardless of page type.

Metadata and Structured Data Markups

It’s a good idea to optimize your videos for Google, since the search engine isn’t great at understanding them yet. This will help Google and Youtube index your content properly.

One of the most important optimization methods is “structured data markup” optimization. Effectively using it is key, in order for the web pages to rank well.

It is recommended to add the ” VideoObject” structured data markup type in the “embedded” page contents. 

The required properties for the VideoObject structured data markup can be listed as follows;

  • Description: A written description of the content. If a description is already available, the webpage’s video description can be reused.
  • Name: The video title should also be used from the web page. 
  •  Thumbnail URL: Each embedded video should already have a thumbnail. In this case it is recommended to reuse the image URL in the embed code or upload a thumbnail to use for this markup.
  • Upload Date: The date the video was first posted.

Other recommended properties for VideoObject types are:

  •  Content URL or Embed URL: It is recommended that the video be included if the server has a source media URL; or a custom URL that contains only a player. 
  • Duration: The runtime should be in ISO 8601 format.

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