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What is the importance of an E-Commerce Website?

24/7 Sales

Your e-commerce site works as an open store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enabling your customers to shop whenever they want.

Data Analysis

You need to perform analysis of customer activities on your e-commerce site in order to make your sales increase.

Wide Marketing Reach

Your e- commerce site allows you to have an unlimited number of customers and makes your sales grow.

Time Saving

Your clients can simply place orders through your e-commerce website, thus, saving your time.

What Should an E-Commerce Website
Design Look Like?


Your website should be simple, making it easy for your customers to find the product they are looking for.

Visual Appeal

The site should have an aesthetically pleasing design that showcases your products in a beautiful way.

Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays, it is of great importance that your website is mobile friendly.

Secure Payment

Providing secure payment methods at your site builds trust among your clients.

Fast Loading

Your site should load fast for a good customer experience.
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Which Website Building Platform Should Be Preferred for

Setting Up an E-Commerce Website?

At Digipeak, we use several types of platforms for establishing an e-commerce site. Some of the most popular ones are:
WordPress: The platform is user-friendly and flexible.
Opencart: Particularly convenient for SMB.
Shopify: It is a user-friendly platform with many features.
İkas: It is a platform of strong and dependable infrastructure.

Wix: It is a site where you can build a website by the help of drag and drop method.

Ticimax: Ticimax is among the most used Turkish e-commerce platforms.
T-Soft: It is a professional e-commerce solution, particularly for corporate entities.

Digipeak E-Commerce Website Design Services

We offer various e-commerce website design services at Digipeak. In this way, we provide you with a personal plan that ensures your success!
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    What Makes Digipeak Different from
    Web Development Companies?

    At Digipeak, we provide interactive and result-oriented services which can help you give your e-commerce website a full transformation. With your updated e-commerce website launched, you will always have the chance to sell your products or services wherever you want!

    In e-commerce, we use a tested strategic approach to increase organic traffic to your store. But some sure things of advanced e-commerce strategy are being open 24/7, adding product tracking extensions, customization in various marketing campaigns, and connected to highly secure local/international payment systems.

    Your online store evaluation will be all in the analytical data. We continuously control and add KPIs according to your changing business objectives and interactions of the customers with your e-commerce platform. To elevate your e-commerce success to a higher level, Digipeak is the best choice!

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    How much does it cost to establish an e-commerce website?

    To know the exact price of the e-commerce solution that you will have to pay for, you should take into account some factors. These may encompass the kind of website builder and complexity of the website.

    How can e-commerce website advertising be done?

    The alternative ways of advertising an e-commerce website are numerous. Such as social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Google Ads (search, display, video ads), influencer marketing, email marketing, and organic methods like SEO. In considering your advertising plan, you should think about the target audience, products, and budget.

    What are the factors that should be taken into account when configuring an e-commerce website?

    On the other hand, when creating an e-commerce website, the consideration of factors such as measures that should be taken to secure the customers’ information, mobile compatibility, and user experience is of prime importance. The success of your sites largely depends on if it is built considering these points.