Logo Changes of Big Brands in Recent Years


Here, it can be quite interesting and thought-provoking to see how the logos of big and well-known brands have evolved in order to understand the journey between the past and the present.

Behind every logo, there is a story and a purposeful endeavor. As people’s habits and aesthetics change over time, brands are forced to adapt. 

The development of logos can occasionally take unexpected turns; sometimes it can lead to a minimalist and contemporary design, while other times it can draw inspiration from the past with nostalgia.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how brands have changed their logos and why they’ve chosen to do so. Some brands have cleaned up their logos, believing in the power of simplicity; others may have aimed to stand out with more vibrant colors and creative shapes. Others have perhaps made a few tweaks to capture the spirit of the times.

Let’s witness the journey of iconic logos from the past to the present. In the process, perhaps you’ll find inspiration for your own brand and get excited to take a step towards revamping your design. If you’re curious like us and eager to learn the story behind logos, let’s dive into this intriguing world together!

Remember, every logo change marks the evolution of a brand, and you can witness this magical evolution to help your brand move towards a better tomorrow. Read on and get lost in the magical world of logos!

Why Do Brands Change Their Logos?

Reasons for brands to change their logos can be rebranding, updating the brand image, merging logos in cases of mergers or acquisitions, brand evolution or renewal, changing the target audience or market, legal issues, or copyright infringement.

Apart from these, factors such as technological advances, design trends, competitive conditions, and consumer expectations can influence brands’ decisions to update their logos. Brand management strategies typically support and carefully plan logo changes.


Brands Participating in the Rebranding Trend

Changing logos can carry a certain risk for brands. Logos are an important element of a brand’s identity and recognizability among consumers. Logo changes can cause negative reactions from consumers, such as confusion or a decrease in brand loyalty. 

However, the trend of changing logos, especially for automobile brands, is rapidly rising, and many brands are taking steps in this direction. In 2021 and beyond, Volvo, Peugeot, Kia, Skoda, Citroen, and Audi are among the brands joining the logo renewal trend. Opel is the brand that has joined this trend in recent days.

Logo renewals may be due to the fact that automobile brands want to display a younger and more trendy image, attract the attention of consumers, and stand out in competitive conditions. However, a thorough brand strategy and research process frequently support the decision to update a brand’s logo.



Opel introduced its new logo in early July 2023. The 2024 logo represents a new version of Opel’s iconic ‘Blitz’ or ‘lightning/thunder’ emblem. 

The Blitz emblem will remain at the center of brand faces such as the Opel Compass and Opel Vizor, representing the design philosophy and future of the Germany-based brand. 

The new logo is designed as an emblem associated with electricity and symbolizes Opel’s approach to the age of electromobility. The logo is considered an important symbol for Opel’s focus on electric vehicles and its vision of sustainability.


Citroen made a change in 2022. It updated its brand from a three-dimensional design to a new minimal two-dimensional style. The new logo design is a nod to Citroen’s brand history, symbolizing a return to the brand’s early years. 

Alongside the logo, Citroen has also updated its slogan. Instead of “Creative Technology”, it now uses the slogan “Nothing Moves Us Like Citroen”. This slogan emphasizes Citroen’s distinctive brand values and expresses the brand’s forward-looking progress.



In 2022, Skoda updated its brand by referring to ecology, sustainability, and electromobility with the green tones in its new design. Since 2011, Skoda has decided to replace its old three-dimensional logo with a two-dimensional version, as many other brands do. 

The company stated that the new logo represents the transition to the digital world and announced that it will be available to users in 2024. In addition to the logo, Skoda also made typographic changes to the brand name and announced that it would use the brand name with the logo from now on. 

These updates reflect Skoda’s aim to modernize its brand identity and present a future-oriented image.



Audi is one of the car brands that renewed its logo in 2022. The German car company Audi has long been recognized as one of the world’s largest car manufacturers. The company’s memorable logo with four intertwined rings has been a symbol of the brand for almost a century. 

In the new logo, the iconic rings remain unchanged, but the design has evolved to a more minimalist and flat approach. Audi, along with other companies, has joined the trend towards two-dimensional logo designs. This new logo aims to preserve the brand’s deep-rooted history, while at the same time presenting a modern look.



Kia’s new logo features an angular design with cursive lines and is a seamless combination of the letters of the brand name. This logo incorporates elements that embody the company’s commitment to customers. 

Its rhythmic and uninterrupted linear lines emphasize Kia’s commitment to inspiration, while its symmetry represents trust. The logo reflects the brand’s rising ambition with its upward directional lines. The design reflects Kia’s aim to update its brand identity and build an image for the future.

However, with this logo, it was misunderstood as “KN automobile”, thinking that it was made up of the letters K and N, and this phrase was searched by about 30,000 people on Google. 

Although the Kia company did not make any statement about this situation, the Google search engine was quickly informed about this issue and started to display Kia in front of those searching for the KN brand car.

Transition from 3D to 2D

As we can see in the examples above, this process of transformation in brand logos has transformed 3D logos into 2D logos. The tendency of brands to change their logos from three-dimensional designs to two-dimensional designs is due to several factors. 

The first is the rapid development of the digital world and the widespread use of the internet. Two-dimensional logos can be clearer and easier to read on digital platforms and can adapt to different screen sizes. With the increasing use of mobile devices, brands are turning to simpler and minimal designs to ensure that their logos can be seen effectively even on small screens. 

Secondly, the minimalist design trend is also influencing the proliferation of two-dimensional logos. Minimalism focuses on simple and clean lines, few colors, and a clearly recognizable style. Such logos offer a more modern and sleek look, allowing brands to project a timeless and contemporary image. 

Finally, brands are switching to two-dimensional designs for their logos, aiming to increase brand loyalty and recognizability. Two-dimensional logos can retain a familiar and iconic image of the brand, while remaining memorable in a simpler and more effective way. This can help brands create a stronger connection with their target audience. 

When these factors come together, there is a tendency for brands to shift from three-dimensional logos to two-dimensional designs. However, for each brand, the decision to change can be based on different reasons and should align with the brand’s strategic goals.

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All in all, tracing brands’ logo changes has been like a journey, full and intriguing, hasn’t it? These iconic logos, which have changed from the past to the present, show how brands are constantly renewing themselves and customer expectations. 

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