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01.03.23 usgae is important for health tourism

Did you know that more than 500,000 patients in 2020 used to ask questions and book treatment at clinics around the world? 

In recent years, the Republic of Turkey gave priority to making innovations in the field of health and developing the field of health. At this point, it is possible to say that there are state incentives in the field of health tourism. However, if you want to introduce your business to the world and have worldwide patient profiles, an alternative way for you is

How to Search for Your Business on by Patients? 

It is not very easy to attract patients to a clinic. A clinic employee may call the patient twice, maybe more, and maybe look for different ways to reach the patient. Therefore, you should not give up quickly. Before making a decision, customers want to consider all the options available and get a quote.

This is why patients continue to call and inquire about clinics that respond quickly. This is why your speed of response is important. If you want patients to search for your clinic or doctor on, you should pay attention to the tips suggested on

These tips are as follows; 

  • You can send e-mails aimed at understanding the patient, addressing the patient’s needs, and responding to patient calls accordingly. 
  • It is recommended by the team to use social media actively. Therefore, you should add your social media accounts to your account. 
  • You should determine more than one method of reaching more than one patient because not every patient may have an e-mail address or not every patient may be able to answer the phone. Therefore, you should determine more than one communication channel. 

You can add useful content to the messages you send via e-mail. Do not forget to include your working hours in your e-mails. 

How to Increase Your Rating/Score on

Service score on is an important criterion for patients to prefer you and to be more visible on this site. Therefore, it is important for your clinic to keep your clinic scores high on this platform.

 The answer to the question “How can we improve our service score on” is as follows; 

If Your Clinic Score Is Between 0.1-2.9;

1) At this point, it is important how often you return phone calls when patients call you.  Phone contact rate is considered important by Therefore, it is recommended that you first improve your telephone service.

2) Responding to your patients via e-mail, SMS or phone call will increase your service score on 

3) Your service score on is affected by the speed with which you respond to patients. Therefore, you are expected to return to your patients on the same day. 

If Your Clinic Score Is Between 3.0-3.9; 

This score is an acceptable service score by, but if you want to improve your service score further, you can benefit from the following tips:

1) In addition to the first three points, it is important to provide answers that encourage patients to make new calls about you. You can use the “FrontDesk” tool on to allow patients to make more searches about you. 

2) Responding to patients’ comments about you will increase your service score. 

3) It is recommended that you regularly update your brochures and the visuals you use. 

4) It is also recommended to update the price. 

If Your Clinical Score Is Between 4.0 – 5.0; 

This clinic score is considered the best service score. However, if you want to keep this score here, you can benefit from the following tips;

1) You need to continuously increase the number of recent reviews about your clinic. Therefore, it is recommended that you reply to the comments you receive and use appropriate polite language. 

2) You should aim to return phone calls or emails in less than 2 hours, not the same day. 

Being the best at your job will keep you at the top of the service score list. 

What Happens If You Get a Bad Review On

A bad review about your clinic can both annoy you and lower your service score on The most important issue here is your attitude toward this negative review. A good response to a bad review can lead to more potential customers. Tips on how to handle a bad review are as follows; 

  • Read the review; you need to read the review and be impartial when reading the review. Think about the truth of what is being said and if it is true, look for ways to improve yourself in that missing direction.
  • Respond and don’t think that the bad review has ruined your clinic; It is recommended by the team that you think carefully or even wait a day before responding to that bad review. Responding to the negative review in a calm and polite manner is important for the recognition of your clinic.
  • Do not include private patient data in responses; Do not share your patients’ gender, age, name, and place of origin in your response to a negative comment. In your public responses, try to provide only information about general policy and practice.
  • Do not endorse; Endorsing a bad review is not recommended by the team. For this, you can direct the reviewer to your current brochures or website. 

About this topic, it is recommended by the team to pay attention to the following 5 points:

  • Do not violate the patient privacy policy.
  • Do not imply that the commenter is “lying”. 
  • Avoid an aggressive and belligerent tone.
  • Do not avoid taking responsibility.
  • Avoid online chat. After the comment has been responded to, you may have a telephone conversation with the patient who made the negative comment. 

How Should I Choose Photos for

The images you use to promote your business and clinic are important for potential patients. Therefore, patients pay attention to the images used while doing research. For, you need to use images that meet certain standards

 Tips for choosing images for are as follows; 

  • A camera or phone with good resolution
  • Photography and Lighting Equipment
  • Photos of Patients, books, files, and sometimes photos from the clinic
  • Images of the highest resolution possible.
  • You need to make sure that the sunlight is not directly overhead. If there is no natural light, it is recommended to take good-quality photos with artificial light sources. 
  • Organize your office by putting expert books, flowers, and maybe diplomas and certificates visible in the background. 
  • Your logo should definitely be on the images. According to research, images with logos attract more traffic. 
  • You should also use photos of yourself and your team.

Tip: It is not recommended to buy images from a website. You can buy photos from Shutterstock. However, this should also be limited.

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