The 4 Ps of Marketing: What Is the Digital Marketing Mix 4P


In this rapidly developing digital age, it has become inevitable for businesses to transform their marketing strategies in order to compete and reach consumers more effectively. This is where “Digital Marketing Mix” and “4Ps Marketing” come into play. 

In this article, we will explore what these two concepts mean and how they work. We’ll also take a closer look at 4Cs and 7Ps evolution. Let’s get started!

What Is the Marketing Mix?

Today, we are discussing the magic word of the business world, “Marketing Mix”. So, what is the marketing mix, here is the answer: The marketing mix is a clever plan that businesses follow when offering their products or services to people. This plan consists of four important steps and gives businesses the opportunity to promote their products to people in the best way possible.

Imagine you are a business owner and you have created a great product. Maybe it offers a great solution that will make the world a better place. This is where the marketing-mix comes in. This magic formula contains the steps to present your product to customers in the most effective way.

What Are Marketing Mix Strategies? 

Marketing mix strategies are the steps that businesses follow to present their products to people in the best way possible. Let’s take a closer look at these steps together!

1. Product Development: By understanding people’s needs and wants, businesses develop a product or service that offers them a solution. They consider how creative and functional the product is and how much it can make people’s lives easier.

2. Pricing Strategies: Setting a price that fits people’s budgets is important both to be competitive and to maintain the profitability of the business. Attracting people’s attention with strategies such as discounts and package offers can also be part of this step.

3. Distribution Channels: The third step is to determine how the products will be delivered to people. Determine whether the products will be offered in physical stores or online. If your product will be sold online, the right e-commerce platforms and logistics methods should be chosen.

4. Promotion Strategies: You should determine creative promotions and advertising strategies to promote your products. It is important to tell the story of your product and attract people’s attention through social media, content marketing, and influencer collaborations.

5. Customer Relationship Management: This step focuses on strengthening your interactions with people. Answering customers’ questions, responding to their requests, and building genuine relationships with them is key to building a loyal customer base.

6. Building a Brand Image: Your business and products should have an image. Features such as reliability, quality, and innovation are the elements that make up the brand image of your business. It is essential to reflect this image in all your communications and advertisements.

7. Competition Strategies: To exist in a competitive market, it is necessary to observe and differentiate from competitors. It is important to emphasize the unique features of your product and develop strategies to differentiate yourself from competitors.

What Are the 4Ps of Digital Marketing?

In today’s rapidly developing digital age, the marketing strategies of businesses have also been transformed. One of the cornerstones of this transformation is the 4Ps of Digital Marketing. So, if you are wondering what these 4Ps are, let us explain immediately:

The 4Ps of digital marketing refer to the strategies of businesses to market their products or services on digital platforms. This strategy is shaped around four main elements:

1. Product: The first step is for businesses to determine the product or service they will offer in the digital world. Your product should include details such as how it will look on digital platforms, how it will be used, and how it will benefit consumers.

2. Price: Pricing in the digital marketplace should reflect the value of the product or service in the digital world. At a time when people can easily compare prices digitally, it is important to set a competitive and reasonable price.

3. Distribution (Place): Distribution in the digital market involves determining how the product or service will be offered. In this step, which digital channels will be used, where the target audience is located, and how they can be reached are evaluated.

4. Promotion: It is important to promote the product or service in the digital world. In this step, social media, digital ads, content marketing, and other digital communication tools are used to effectively announce the product to the target audience.

In conclusion, the 4Ps are the strategy that includes the basic steps for businesses to effectively market their products or services on digital platforms. These four elements help businesses increase their competitive advantage by keeping up with the rapidly changing dynamics of the digital world.

What Is 4Ps Analysis?

4Ps analysis is a tool through which businesses evaluate their products in line with their marketing strategies. This analysis allows businesses to assess their current situation and adjust their strategies when necessary.

4Ps Analysis is a tool used to understand and optimize the marketing strategies of businesses. This analysis provides a great way to understand how each of the P’s works, how they are interrelated, and how they serve the goals of the business.

What Are the 4Ps and 4Cs?

Today, we’re going to explore two important approaches in the marketing world: 4Ps and 4Cs. These two terms help us understand how businesses market their products or services. Let’s take a look together:

4Ps (Product, Price, Distribution, Promotion):

The 4Ps represent the traditional approach to the marketing mix. This approach includes four key components of how businesses market their products:

Product: The features, advantages, and benefits of the product or service.

Price: How much the product or service is offered for.

Place: Where and how the product or service will be offered.

Promotion: How the product or service will be promoted and marketed.

This approach has been used as the basis for marketing for many years. However, with the changes brought about by the digital age, consumers’ needs and expectations have also changed.

4Cs (Customer Value, Customer Cost, Customer Communication, Customer Convenience): 

This is where the 4Cs come into play. The 4Cs approach represents a customer-oriented approach where the consumer is at the center. It is an approach in which businesses now pay more attention to the needs and wishes of customers:

Customer Value: How the product or service provides value to the customer.

Customer Cost: The cost to the customer of receiving the product or service, both tangible and intangible.

Customer Communication: How the customer is interacted with and communicated with.

Customer Convenience: The ease and convenience with which the customer can access the product or service.

The 4Cs approach enables businesses to develop a more people-oriented and value-driven marketing strategy. By focusing more closely on the needs of the customer, it aims to build a more satisfying and sustainable customer relationship.

In conclusion, the 4Ps and 4Cs approaches represent two different faces of marketing. While the 4Ps are a traditional approach, the 4Cs are a more modern, customer-centric approach. Businesses can create successful marketing strategies by using these two approaches in a balanced way in accordance with needs and trends.

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Why Has the Marketing Mix 4Ps Evolved into 4Cs in the Process?

The world of marketing is always changing and evolving. One of these changes is the evolution of the 4Ps, known as the “Marketing Mix”. So, if you are wondering why there was a transition from 4P to 4C, here is the explanation:

The Marketing Mix (4Ps): First, in the traditional marketing world, businesses used a 4Ps approach to market their products or services, called the “Marketing Mix”. This approach includes four key components called Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. However, over time, consumers’ needs and expectations started to change.

Weaknesses of the 4Ps: The traditional 4Ps approach enables businesses to deliver their products and services; however, it is not consumer-oriented. This approach emphasizes only the business’s own goals and the product’s features. However, consumers have come to expect more personalized experiences and value-driven approaches.

Moving to the 4Cs (Customer Value, Customer Cost, Customer Communication, Customer Convenience): This is where the 4C approach comes into play. 4C represents a customer-centered approach. Elements such as Customer Value, Customer Cost, Customer Communication, and Customer Convenience enable businesses to better understand customers and respond to their real needs.

Why It Evolved: As the world of marketing became more digitized and consumers had more choices, it became clear that businesses needed to better address the needs of consumers, rather than just promote their own products. Therefore, the 4Ps approach evolved over time into the 4Cs. Changing consumer expectations increased the importance of more personalized and value-driven marketing strategies.

As a result, the evolution of the Marketing Mix has enabled businesses to adopt a consumer-centric approach. The evolution of the 4Ps to the 4Cs is a reflection of the modern marketing approach that aims to better meet the demands and needs of consumers.

Extended Marketing Mix – 7Ps Evolution

The “Extended Marketing Mix” is also known as the 7Ps evolution. If you have heard this term, you might want to find out what it means.

The Extended Marketing Mix (7P): 

Initially, the 4Ps approach (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) was used to shape businesses’ marketing strategies. However, over time, businesses realized that more detail and consumer-oriented approaches were required. Therefore, with the evolution of the 4Ps, the “Extended Marketing Mix” of the 7Ps emerged.

What Are 7Ps?: The Extended Marketing Mix is an approach that enables businesses to take a more comprehensive approach to their marketing strategy. In addition to the 4Ps components, three new P components have been added:

People: The employees of the business are the people who serve the customer. Their attitude, training, and interaction greatly influence the customer experience. Well-trained and satisfaction-oriented staff can enhance the reputation of the business.

Physical Evidence: This component refers to the physical environment and appearance of the business. Factors such as store layout, product packaging, and website design affect customer perception. Well-thought-out physical evidence creates a sense of trust and credibility.

Processes: The internal processes of the business and the processes of serving the customer constitute this component. Factors such as the method of delivering products or services to the customer, order processing, etc. greatly influence the customer experience.

Why It Is Necessary: The Extended Marketing Mix (7Ps) helps businesses deliver a more in-depth and comprehensive experience to consumers. The traditional 4Ps approach is no longer enough because consumers expect more personalized services and a wider range of services.

As a result, the Extended Marketing Mix, 7Ps take businesses’ marketing strategies to a broader and more consumer-oriented perspective. This approach helps businesses increase their competitive advantage, build customer loyalty, and deliver a more satisfying customer experience.

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The digital marketing mix and the 4Ps approach enable businesses to operate more effectively and efficiently in the digital world. However, changes in consumers’ demands and behaviors are driving businesses to think more deeply and adopt the 4Cs. This evolution allows businesses to develop more personalized and value-driven marketing strategies. 

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