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What we offer:

Creating a marketing report that will impress your superiors,

Connecting the data in your report to your promotional efforts,

Including your company’s colors and logo in the report,

Guiding how to self-manage your brand-new report.

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Constrain the scope (metrics, integrations, audience, etc.),

Assist you in identifying the most applicable scenario,

Integrate your brand’s materials into the report.

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    What we provide:

    An integrated, 4-pages report from Google Data Studio,

    It can be integrated with Google Analytics 4, Meta/Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, HubSpot, and all other available connectors,

    Including your company’s colors and logo in the report,

    Guidelines that will allow you to use the same format for each of your clients.

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    Our connectors have a version of the report that is always free. No need to pay until you’re ready to upgrade.

    The full version of Google Data Studio is available for no cost (filters, email delivery, PDF, etc.)

    Don’t worry about keeping the report template in Data Studio as it is cost-free.

    For no additional cost, you can link Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Facebook Ad Manager, Google Merchant Center, Facebook product catalog and YouTube.

    Use our connectors for third-party integrations like Facebook or Instagram.

    Gain extra hours per week

    Marketing departments and agencies spend the most time on reporting. You can forget about copying and pasting for good because this report will update itself automatically. Enjoy free access to premium customer service. Schedule a Time for a Free Report Contact us to make your reports.

    Branded reports including company colors and logos are available.

    Never pay for Google Ads or GA4 reports again.

    Try our integrations for 14 days without paying.

    Collect data from numerous sources (includes ads, social media, GA4, etc.)

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