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The health tourism sector includes many international healthcare agencies, hospitals, doctors, and polyclinics that provide treatment services to patients from other countries at much lower costs than their home countries. Medical tourism marketing is an ever-growing sector that should be tapped into without hesitation! A medical vacation is a growing trend for many countries across the globe, especially those with high medical bills like the USA!

You can reach out to a patient on the other side of the world and tell them all about the treatments and medical procedures your facility offers through digital channels and the internet. We deploy online ads, websites, and application forms to convert as many leads as possible.

DigiPeak has a professional digital marketing team that handles all of these steps. This team learns which treatments you give to your patients, makes a list of your target markets that are good for overseas sales teams, and sends you patient requests based on the size of your sales team and doctor staff.

Likewise, you can target a country, city, neighborhood, German-speaking, Japanese-speaking , or French-speaking visitors to the medical facility of your choice. Your firm’s presence online can be found through YouTube videos and Google searches. We also help you get forms with ads on Facebook and Instagram, use these methods on millions of patients, and persuade them to choose your facility for both tourism and medical treatment. A Win-Win Situation!

DigiPeak: A Digital Marketing Agency That Empowers Your Global Medical Tourism Strategy!

We work with medical practices that want to grow to offer healthcare marketing solutions, with the aim of bringing in new patients and getting existing patients more involved. With the internet at our fingertips, it’s not surprising medical professionals and healthcare centers are leaning towards digital solutions. In today’s world, if people can’t find you online, they will choose the services of your competitor who is online.

If you’re considering investing in healthcare, and looking for digital marketing for medical toursim, make sure you’re dealing with a trusted online healthcare marketing agency. User and client reviews confirm that!

Digipeak Agency is your go-to digital marketing agency! Several healthcare professionals and service providers use our innovative online marketing solutions and get amazing results every time.

Medical Tourism Services We Offer

Health Tourism SEO

Our SEO experts will improve your practice’s online visibility and make it rank higher in search engine listings through in-depth keyword research, on-page and off-page
SEO activities, and more!

Health Tourism Paid Search Advertising

Our PPC experts will research, launch, and manage your paid search marketing campaigns to bring new patients to your website and give your practice a higher return on investment.

Health Tourism Social Media Marketing

We will help you connect with and engage your patients on major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so that you can focus on taking care of your patients.

Healthcare Reputation Management

Our reputation management services let you find out how happy your business is with your practice, keep an eye out for bad reviews, and stop them before they get posted online.

Health Tourism Website Design and Development

Our professional and beautiful medical websites will help you get new patients and keep the ones you already have, which will help you build a loyal patient base.

Health Tourism Marketing Automation

Whether you want to get referrals or recover dissatisfied patients, our automated marketing solutions will help you connect with them at any time!

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    Ahmet Kolcu
    Ahmet Kolcu
    Birlikte bir çok proje üzerinde çalıştık kendileri ile, özellikle UI/UX konularında çok deneyimli ve güçlüler. Proaktif bir ekipleri var, zamana riayet etmeleri,süreç boyunca bilgilendirmeleri ve raporlamaları gayet iyi ve en önemlisi işlerini iyi yapıyorlar.
    serbay kırbacı
    serbay kırbacı
    Dijital pazarlama konusunda uzun bir arayışın ardından Digipeak ile tanıştık. Şirketimizin ihtiyaçlarına özel çözümler üretiyorlar ve her adımda bizleri bilgilendiriyorlar. Her zaman çözüm odaklılar. Kesinlikle tavsiye ediyorum
    Veysel Altuntaş
    Veysel Altuntaş
    Great service! Peak communication. Been working with them for several months and my website have gained satisfactory traffic, social media accounts are being managed so professionally that my customers asked for the agent did that. Highly recommended!
    Basit gibi gozuken karmasik bir dijital pazarlama surecini boyle keyifli bir ekiple yurutmek .. Ozellikle SEO konusundaki uzmanliginiza ve desteklerinize cok tesekkur ediyorum. Birlikte calismaya devam.
    Meral Uzun
    Meral Uzun
    İhtiyacımızı en başından doğru anlayıp yönlendirmeleriyle ve yaptıklarıyla kısa sürede sitemiz başarı elde etmeye başladı. Ekip arkadaşlarınında nazik, profesyonel ve çözümcü yaklaşımlarıyla uzun süre kendileriyle iş birliği içerisinde olmayı istiyoruz.
    gonca sanliturk
    gonca sanliturk
    Kendileri ile çalışma fırsatı buldum . Çok memnun kaldım. İstenilen her şeye ilgi ve açıklıkla yaklaşarak çözmek yolunda ellerinden geleni yapıyorlar. İşin ehli bir ekiple çakışmak ise isteğiniz ; tam adresi !
    Serkan Çelen
    Serkan Çelen
    Digipeak, Dijital pazarlama alanında her konuda yardımcı olan uzman bir ekibe sahip. SEO ve Sosyal Medyada daha etkili olmamızı sağladı. Tavsiye ederim...

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    I need to increase my online visibility abroad.

    I need a stronger & better reputation on social media.

    I need transparency about my digital marketing performance.

    I want a website that reflects my brand and its values

    I want to stand out among competitors.

    I need a marketing growth partner I can trust.

    I want to spend time running my business, not marketing.

    I need potential patients who will find my clinic online.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is healthcare digital marketing?

    Healthcare digital marketing is a specialized service that promotes healthcare practices online for the purposes of attracting patients, engaging them, and building a brand image online.

    Healthcare Marketing Agency vs. Marketing Agency

    Both provide online marketing services and are likely experts in digital strategies. A healthcare marketing agency, on the other hand, focuses on this industry and knows what it takes to thrive and grow as a healthcare provider.

    Why digital marketing is important for doctors

    Simply put, digital healthcare marketing is important for doctors because it gets their names out there. The reach of traditional methods does not even compare to digital marketing. It helps create an online reputation for doctors that will attract patients.

    Why do doctors need social media marketing?

    One of the most crucial factors in succeeding as a healthcare provider is communication. One way to talk to a large number of people in a personal way is through social media. This is the primary reason doctors need social media marketing: to build their reputation, attract new patients, and stay in touch with their existing ones.

    How is digital marketing used in healthcare?

    The best digital healthcare marketing practices used in healthcare include the following:
    Email Marketing
    Content Marketing
    Pay Per Click Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    Local SEO