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Turning your organic traffic into revenue is easy with SEO! With our young and energetic team, we can help you increase sales on your e-commerce site and consult your corporate site to meet Google EEAT and YMYL standards.

Let’s determine strategies and work out solutions to increase your brand’s online presence with our Digipeak SEO services!

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    What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    When people search for online products and/or services using relevant keywords for your brand, they heavily depend on search engines to locate their needs. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. are the most famous search engines that rely on algorithms and indices to rank competing websites for usersÔÇÖ search queries.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of organically increasing the online presence and visibility of brands on search engines. The main aim is to turn organic traffic into revenue. With a solid SEO strategy customized for your website, Digipeak covers all technical, content, and backlink SEO stages; thus, enabling your website to rank high for the keywords you target.

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    How is SEO Done?

    Before starting any SEO, you should know the brand you serve very well. You should compare and benchmark your brand against competitors in the relevant industry. Another important factor to consider is what kind of products or services you offer to your target users.
    It is very important to know which sector/domain/market your brand serves, such as Corporate, E-Commerce, B2B or B2C. After determining your sector, you can follow the following SEO processes for your brand:

    Setting Goals

    Competitor Analysis

    Content Briefs

    The SEO processes you will utilize in your digital advertising process are basically divided into four main groups as follows: 

    Technical SEO

    Technical SEO, unlike other SEO branches, includes more software-related issues (JS, CSS, JSON, etc.). Technical SEO includes, but is not limited to: Structured Data Frameworks, Webpage Schemas, Site Speed Tests, Image Optimization, URL structure arrangements. and Crawl Budget Optimization
    Our technical SEO services are designed to enhance your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and drive more organic traffic to your site.

    On-Site SEO

    On-site SEO basically covers issues related to your websiteÔÇÖs meta titles and written content. To improve your websiteÔÇÖs SEO performance, you can examine the headings on your site, check for problems such as duplicate content or titles, and optimize your content more easily with plugins such as: Rank Math or Yoast, especially on Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress. The more your content is optimized for your users and search engines, the better your brand will rank at SERPs (Search Engine Result pages)

    Off-Page SEO and Backlinks

    By definition, we call the links referring to your website from other sites “backlinks.” As part of your off-page SEO efforts, you should obtain and reach out for backlinks from authoritative websites that have similar content to yours.
    Other elements of off-page SEO that are not necessarily SEO oriented include: Guest posting, Social Media Shares, Podcasting, Vlogging, etc.

    Content SEO

    Content marketing is always one of the top priorities in the SEO process. Anyone can write content, but not everyone can write SEO compatible content. You should also pay attention to link building and headings to make sure that all of the content on your site is set up in a way that is good for SEO. In order for your content to rank, you need to make sure it is crawlable first.

    SEO Generates A Better ROI Than PPC

    You need to improve your online presence for your business goals and the near-future rise of your business. PPC can be useful at the beginning of your ad campaign, but a true sustainable marketing strategy demands SEO in the long term. SEO is better for online searches, and it can help your online presence grow steadily over time.

    Since SEO deals with long-term promotion efforts and search engine rankings, your website needs to be designed for both users and search engine bots. The aim is to build a loyal base of target audiences in the long run.

    To sum up, your business goals and objectives are unique, and it is our duty to cater to those needs using a well-tailored, ROI-oriented SEO strategy. Utilize your marketing budget to insure the best possible ROI for your business. 

    What is SEO and SEM? What are the Differences?

    SEO and SEM are two concepts that are intertwined and support each other. Their main difference is the way they appear on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

    SEM refers to paid advertisements on search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing or Firefox, while SEO refers to the efforts and optimizations done on-site and off-site that will ensure organic growth and traffic increases on SERPs.

    How Are SEO Fees Determined?

    SEO service prices change in direct proportion to the constantly evolving and changing conditions in the online and digital marketing sectors.

    The most important factor in determining the price of any SEO service you will receive is the type of work done on your website. What we pay attention to in our SEO proposals is the following:

    • Domain Authority and Integrity,
    • Current position for certain keywords (Competitor analysis),
    • Your WebsiteÔÇÖs Infrastructure,

    We can schedule a meeting before the preliminary talks to discuss deadlines, frameworks, budget, vision, integration, etc.

    Digipeak SEO Services

    A successful SEO campaign for your website combines a thorough understanding on your business needs and an understanding of search engine dynamics. Our customized SEO approach would encompass a comprehensive list of services as follows :

    Technical SEO

    Off-Page SEO

    Internal Link Building

    Local SEO

    Shopify SEO

    Why Digipeak’s SEO Services Are Better Than the Rest

    As a business owner, you know the importance of having a strong online presence. You want your website to be visible and accessible to potential customers. That’s why you’re considering investing in SEO services.

    Digipeak simply offers result-oriented SEO services. We understand that marketing is diverse; the competitive advantages and requests vary greatly from one client to another, so we take the time and responsibility to create customized SEO strategies. 

    We keep a close eye on how Google, Yandex, and other search engines work, make SEO changes in response to new updates, and come up with SEO solutions to all of your technical SEO problems.

    To increase the organic traffic of your business, we improve your brandÔÇÖs SERP views/impressions with SEO strategies that will increase your websiteÔÇÖs clickability, help you attract as many customers/leads as possible to your website, and build a loyal customer base.

    We can summarize your Digipeak experience as follows:

    • Dedicated SEO Professionals
    • Communication & Results
    • We’re Always Getting Better
    • Transparent Reporting
    • A Dynamic Young team

    Our SEO Tools

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    What are The Different Types of SEO Techniques ?

    SEO processes are generally divided into four categories: technical, on-page, off-page and content. However, there are some recommended and non-recommended methods to optimize for search engines. These two main methods are:

    White Hat SEO

    White Hat SEO refers to optimization work done in accordance with Google and all other search engines’ guidelines. Website owners who want to outperform their competitors in the long run try to have quality pages and content with White Hat SEO practices.

    Black Hat SEO

    Black Hat SEO refers to any attempt to manipulate the ranking algorithm by not following Google’s and other search engines’ optimization instructions. Although your black hat efforts may seem successful in the short term, it will negatively affect your website traffic and authority in the long term. Anyone indulging in Black Hat SEO is prone to penalties and bans from SERPs as well.

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      SEO F.A.Q

      How Long Does SEO Take To Show Results?

      Since SEO is a continuous process, it is difficult to determine or predict a certain period of time for it to wrok. At the same time, if we consider the many factors that affect SEO, you may need at least 6 months within a calendar year for your SEO efforts to work.

      How Does SEO Work?

      Unlike other online advertising options, SEO is a process associated with analyzing and reporting through many tools. In order to benefit from this process in the most beneficial way possible, you should advance your SEO efforts by optimizing for both target users and search engine bots.

      What is Organic Traffic?

      Organic traffic, as the name suggests, refers to the traffic generated by visitors to your site without paying for ads. Since all SEO work is done to increase organic traffic, SEO can be considered free advertising on your website that affects your organic traffic.

      Why SEO is a Good Investment?

      SEO consists of optimizations that include free advertising work. With paid advertising, you can advertise for a certain amount of time, but the work you do in SEO is a better investment because it will affect site rankings in the long term.

      Does My Business Need SEO?

      Does your business not rank for or not attract enough traffic for the keywords you target? Then it means that your website needs SEO. Your business will take a big step forward if you use customized SEO strategies to improve your online organic presence.

      What is the Cost of SEO?

      We cannot directly specify the cost of SEO. There are many factors that determine the cost of your SEO efforts. Some of these factors include: Your siteÔÇÖs age and authority, your site infrastructure, the keywords you target, the sector where your brand is competing in, etc.

      How Long Does It Take to Rank on Google?

      SEO experts do not have the power to directly intervene in the rankings you achieve or will get on Google. Areas where they can directly intervene however are: technical SEO (speed, structured data markings, etc.), on-page SEO work (headings, links, etc.) and content optimization. Your Google rankings will change according to the quality of the SEO practices applied.

      What is the Relationship Between User Experience (UX) and SEO?

      UX practices that measure user experience and aim for the best user experience work hand in hand with SEO practices. Google and other search engine algorithms examine every point that websites associate with, such as the interface, texts, and images presented to the user, down to the tiniest details like color palettes. In order to get the most effective results from your SEO efforts, you can investigate whether your site is designed with a UX-oriented strategy in place.

      How Does the SEO Reporting Process Work?

      At Digipeak SEO department, we prepare monthly reports for you with various metrics, KPIs, and infographics through Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio). During the first week of every month, we inform you about the work we did in the previous month and the conversion rates we received.

      What Should Be Considered When Writing SEO-Compatible Content?

      When creating SEO-friendly content, keep the following in mind: the keyword should not be mentioned more than 3-5% of the text length; choose clickable titles; provide quality information that answers the userÔÇÖs question; and, most importantly, correctly build internal links between your other pages.

      What to Consider When Choosing an SEO Agency / Expert?

      When choosing your SEO agency, we recommend that you meet with agencies with references. As Digipeak, we examine your brand 360ÔÇ▓ degrees with our expert and dynamic SEO team and take responsibility for all the work that can improve your organic traffic.┬áContact us for successful SEO practices.

      What Factors Influence My SEO Ranking?

      Your SEO ranking could be impacted by a number of factors. You can use tools like Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, or Semrush to analyze your website, identify these factors, and then make changes to address any technical or on-site SEO issues.

      What is the Effect of Web Design on SEO?

      User-friendly web design has a very high impact on SEO. On websites with a UX-focused design, SEO is both simpler and more transformative. Users will respond to the work done with clicks or impressions when you design your website with the user experience in mind, which will increase your organic traffic as well. 

      Why Should I Get SEO Services?

      Get SEO assistance if you want to stay current with technological advancements, stand out in an environment where digital competition is becoming more fierce, and communicate with your users in the most effective way possible.