Key Points to Consider in Analytics GA4 Setup


Competition in the digital world is more intense than ever. Businesses have to make data-driven decisions to understand user behavior and create effective marketing strategies. This is where Google Analytics 4 (GA4) comes into play. 

But setting up GA4 isn’t just a matter of setting up an account; it’s an important step towards your business’s digital success. In the rest of our blog, we’ll focus on the critical points to consider when setting up GA4 and explore what you need to pay attention to in order to get the right data and move your business forward. 

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Why Is GA4 Analytics Essential for Businesses?

GA4 Analytics, which stands for Google Analytics 4, is essential for businesses in today’s digital landscape. As the successor to Universal Analytics, GA4 offers advanced tracking and analysis capabilities that are crucial for understanding user behavior, optimizing marketing strategies, and driving business growth. 

Here are some reasons why GA4 Analytics is essential for businesses:

Comprehensive Data Collection and Analysis:

GA4 offers the ability to monitor any type of user interaction with its event-based monitoring system. This way, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of how users interact with their websites or apps. This comprehensive data helps businesses better understand user behavior and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.

Machine Learning Integration:

GA4 provides predictive metrics using Google’s machine learning expertise. This can help businesses predict future user behavior. It also detects trends and anomalies, allowing marketers to take proactive measures and optimize their strategies.

Multi-Platform Tracking:

In an era where multiple devices are used, GA4 offers the ability to track users across websites and apps. This allows us to understand the behavior of users, regardless of the device they are using.

Enhanced User Privacy:

GA4 is designed to comply with evolving data privacy regulations. It makes it possible to collect and analyze data while respecting user consent and privacy preferences.

Personalized Reporting:

GA4 offers a more user-friendly and customizable reporting interface. Businesses can create customized reports in accordance with the goals they set.

Trams and Road Analysis:

Understanding user journeys is important for optimizing conversions. GA4 offers advanced tram analysis and road visualization tools, helping businesses identify drop-off points and optimize user flow.

With these innovative features, GA4 helps businesses optimize their digital marketing strategies more effectively, better understand user behavior, and gain a competitive advantage.

How to Setup GA4

You can follow the steps below to set up the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property:

Creating a Google Analytics Account: If you do not already have a Google Analytics account, you will need to create one first. If you have a Google Analytics account, you can skip this step.

Creating a New Property:

  • Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  • Click on “Administrator” in the upper left corner.
  • Create a new account or select an existing account under “Account”.
  • Click on “Create property”.

Configuring Property Settings:

  • Enter the property name and your website URL.
  • Choose the appropriate virtual property or physical property options. A virtual property represents a different part of your website, such as a subfolder or subdomain.
  • Select the time zone and reporting currency.

Plugins and Settings:

  • Optionally, you can enable plugins such as “Ad Accounts” and “Google BigQuery Integration” to better track your ad goals.
  • Data Collection Settings:
  • Select the appropriate option to send data to your website or application from the “Data Feeds” section.
  • Select your app or website platform (iOS, Android, or web) and enter platform-specific information as needed.

Receiving GA4 Data Collection Code:

  • By clicking “View Codes,” you can view the GA4 tracking code and event codes.
  • You will need to add these codes to the relevant pages of your website or application.

Adding Codes to an App or Website:

  • Add the GA4 tracking code and event codes to the relevant pages of your website or app. This is usually placed in the <head> section of your site or in relevant parts of the application code.

Data Control and Testing:

  • After adding the codes, you can use the “Test Events” option to verify if the GA4 tracking code is working correctly. This will help you ensure that the data flow is working properly.

Getting Started with Monitoring Data:

  • After adding and testing the codes, you will have created your GA4 property. Now you can start tracking and analyzing user behavior.
  • When setting up the Google Analytics 4 property, it’s important to understand the technical structure of your website or app. It’s also important to follow Google’s current guidelines and documentation, as the interface may change over time.

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Things to Consider When Setting Up GA4

There are some important points to consider when installing GA4 Analytics. Here are some critical points to consider when setting up GA4:

1. Things to Consider While Setting Up Property:

Setting Goals: As a first step, you should clearly define the goals and objectives of your business. Understanding which metrics you want to monitor and what questions you want to answer allows you to create the right data collection strategy.

Identifying Events: GA4 is based on event-based tracking. You must identify the events you want to watch and define them as “Events”. These activities can include user interactions such as clicks, page views, video views, and file downloads.

Creating Custom Events: You can collect more detailed data by creating custom events according to your needs. For example, you can create custom events, such as a user completing a form or visiting a particular section.

Adding Data Collection Codes: You should add the GA4 tracking code and event codes to the code of your website or application. These codes allow you to accurately track user interactions.

Event and Conversion Tracking: Identify which events and conversions are important to your business. This helps you shape your strategy once you start tracking events.

Conversion Tracking and Funnels: Conversion tracking and funnel analytics are important for understanding how users navigate the site or app and where they convert. You can improve the user experience by detecting potential lost points.


2. You Can Customize the Session Duration According to Your Brand

In Anaytics G4A’s default settings, the session duration is 30 minutes. You can arrange this time according to your business.

3. You Can Exclude Unwanted Traffic

You can exclude unwanted IP addresses in Anaytics G4A.


4. With Cross Tracking, you can avoid different sessions of the same person and make the counts more accurate.

It is a workaround that allows webmasters/marketers/analysts to send the user/visitor’s identifiers from domain A to domain B and retain session information. In this way, the visitor is tracked as the same person on more than one website/domain.

5. Browse Automatically Prepared Events

You can remove unnecessary events such as page views, file downloads, page scrolling, outbound clicks, site search, form filling, video watching, etc. Likewise, it will be very useful to choose which of these events will be your conversions.

6. Filter Your Returns By Creating Event Parameters

For example, by adding new parameters such as form id and form name under the form filling event, it will make it easier for you to evaluate these forms on their own and to look at your users from a wider perspective. Likewise, in the category click option, you can see which category is clicked the most and take action accordingly.

7. Increase Data Retention Time

The default data storage period is 2 months. You can change this to 14 months and increase your data storage area.


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