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Ömer Faruk Saltık

Ömer Faruk Saltık


Keeping Up With The Speed Of Social Media Trends

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Every generation, from children to grandparents, from college students to retirees, and beyond, has been affected by “technology.” There is nowhere to go without being exposed to it. It is all around us.

We are intertwined with technology everywhere, from education to health, from entertainment to the business world. But, can we progress at the same speed as technology? Can we adapt by transforming as easily as it does? Or are we moving faster than technology?

Have Technological Developments Driven Us To The Consumption Craze?

Being able to access everything easily and witnessing updates every second with technological developments, has created a serious “consumption frenzy” in people. This consumption should not be thought of as shopping, spending money, or buying new things.

Consuming an app, consuming the platform, consuming the game; Consuming “innovations” by witnessing dozens of updates every day. All of these are signs of a consumption society. We humans started to consume everything and got bored very quickly.

Every day, a new trend takes the place of another in social media. Sometimes a trend cannot stay on our radar for even 24 hours. With long daily screen times, even only on the phone, we all encounter many kinds of videos and images every day. Moreover, every platform has a different trend.

The never-ending work cycle of us media professionals is to constantly follow these trends and integrate them into our content. Of course, this overtime ceases to be like work after a while and starts to become our everyday habit.

How to Avoid Consumption Frenzy? How Are Trends Affected?

The common problem for all of us is the question, “How can we predict which trend will stay at the top for a long time in such a fast, easily bored, and consuming society?” It is very difficult to give a definitive answer while still searching for a clear answer to this question. However, it is possible to increase motivation by listing the tasks to be done during the day.


We have prepared a list of suggestions and motivations for you on this subject:

The Harms of Social Media Applications Are Not Applicable to Us

As content creators, we know the insights of these platforms. There are very few people who know what is what on social media, what is fake and what is real better than we do. We have the power to protect ourselves from the bad effects of social media applications. That’s why being on the go or having a long screen time is not a luxury for us, it’s a necessity. In fact, social media managers should not even be considered addicted in our opinion. 😊

We Have to Be Curious

We are the people who have an opinion about everything. It is the usual flow of life for us to research everything from fashion to magazines, from movies to sports, from the pharmaceutical industry to entrepreneurship. We do not have the luxury of knowing only the subjects we love. At any moment, we may have to work with a brand from a sector we do not know well.

In fact, the following statement was made exactly for social media managers: “You will know something about everything, and everything about something.” Although the explore pages created with care are like news pages for us, I know that you also like to impress people with your knowledge.

We Must Adapt the Right Trend to the Right Brand

Trends are diverse, so are our brands. Not every trend can hold up on every social media platform, and not every trend is suitable for every brand. It is very important for the identity of the brand to have content that is suitable for the brand language and the target audience. Integrating the trends into the content accordingly is as important. Social media marketing is essential for these types of tips.

We Must Evaluate Our Content From The Perspective Of The Followers

This article is actually related to the previous article. We strive to present the wishes and needs of people of all ages/cultures to them in the most appropriate way with our social media posts. In doing so, we cannot always stay in the age and demographic environment we are in.

Sometimes we should be 5, sometimes 65 years old; Sometimes we have to drink Caramel Latte and sometimes Cranberry Juice. I think this is one of the hardest and most fun parts of our job.

We Can Trust Our Instincts

We spend a lot of time on social media apps. We write content, do research, and try. There is a voice inside of us that says, “Yes, this will be a trend!” when we come across some videos or sounds. We can trust it.


It’s Not Just Users That Set Trends

There are some contents that social media platforms predominantly highlight, or contents that are not highlighted because they do not match the language or the image to their brand identity. For example, Tik Tok made such a rapid debut that other platforms began to focus on video content in order not to be left behind.

However, Instagram announced that in the future, it will highlight the content with photos as much as the content with videos and establish a balance by being aware of “What are we doing?”. This means that it is necessary to keep up-to-date with not only user movements, but also algorithm changes in applications.

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Ömer Faruk Saltık

Ömer Faruk Saltık

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