The Power of Metaverse In Healthcare Industry

Metaverse is critical for Healthcare Industry

Hello! We are back with the topic of “Metaverse” 

But, this time we will talk about its impact on the digital health field. Before that, we suggest you take a look at our article on the health sector marketing.

As a quick introduction to the concept of Metaverse, it is an augmented virtual world that combines virtual and physical space, allowing people to interact, meet virtually, and perform virtual activities inside an augmented world.

While the Metaverse is developing, it will have new services that combine technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Medical Devices, Web 3.0, Intelligent Cloud, Edge, and Quantum Computing with robotics to provide new facets to healthcare.

But the puzzling question is, can we lower the cost while they all come together to create the new health metaverse in compliance with the regulation?

Let’s take a look at some components of the metadata store that are already leaving their mark in healthcare.

Increase the Use of Virtual Reality in Medical Education!

Medical specialists and doctors use virtual reality as a tool for training other doctors and medical staff.

Virtual reality can be used to insert a student into a human body and diagnose the patient’s ailment from a 360-degree view or to replicate the procedures performed in the real world.

All applications can be registered and viewed via desktop screens to see details.

Use of Augmented Reality in Surgical Procedures

Because robotics are already used in surgical procedures, all complex surgeries are now ready to use augmented realities.

Whether it’s the removal of cancerous tumors or complex spinal surgery, doctors are looking for new ways to perform these surgeries with precision.

As an example of this, according to the Orthopedic Surgeons and Augmented Reality Glasses study (it was published on the Mayo Clinic website), surgeons will use augmented reality glasses during orthopedic surgeries, and these glasses will become more and more common.

Thanks to augmented reality glasses, surgeons will have full-time vision.

When they move their heads during surgery, these glasses will project full time data into the doctor’s sight.

Additionally, surgeons will use this information to get feedback as they remove bone and cartilage and place the knee implant.

For example, thanks to these AR glasses, they will easily know how to remove the right amount of bone from the patient at the right angle, and then how to implement the prosthesis correctly.

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New Way To Bring Healthcare Providers and Consumers Together: Gamification

Roblox is changing the way people perceive gamification; more and more users are finding ways to collaborate and connect with other users.

Now everyone can dream, create, or have fun with their friends through such platforms.

When it comes to health, gamification is largely confined to health and fitness apps.

With augmented reality, you can do sports activities through smarter exercises or virtual trainers.

Interoperability Is a Key Component

It’s clear that the future of healthcare will involve fully interoperable and open solutions, so it’s important that the assets and data that make up the metadata store can be easily moved between different platforms and networks.

With their metadata, asset classes like avatars, 3D models, mixed reality, and spatial environments can make content packages, which are important parts of the metadata store.

As industry data and communication standards evolve, so will metaverse communication.

Technologies to Help Quickly Build Metadata Warehouse Applications

As companies like Microsoft support different technologies that make it easy to build applications for the metaverse quickly, this space will grow and change.

Here are some technologies provided by Microsoft around Metaverse on Azure:

  • Microsoft Mesh and HoloLens
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Azure AI and Autonomous Systems
  • Azure Synapse Analysis
  • Azure Maps
  • Azure Digital Twins

On the other hand, AWS also offers various solutions and services to enable Game Tech:

  • Amazon GameLift for dedicated server hosting
  • FleetIQ supports multiplayer games
  • Amazon’s game engine

Because of this, the Metaverse is an emerging concept that will bring several new dimensions to the healthcare industry that remains traditional today as major social players combine different aspects of virtual reality and immersive experiences, and it will be a powerful tool for learning and empowerment.

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