4 Advantages of Using Social Media for Dental Clinics


Social media has become indispensable for every sector. This includes the healthcare industry. Social media has become an important way for dentists to find new clients, build their brand, and explain their services. 

That is why we investigated the advantages of using social media for dentists for you. We wish you pleasant reading!

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The Importance of Social Media for Dental Clinics

Dentists are in a different position than other industries. Dentists don’t need to convince people to have their dental or oral health checked. 

Everyone already knows that you need to be examined by the dentist at certain intervals. At this point, the challenges are different for many dentists. These difficulties are;

  • Reminding patients of their appointments,
  • Dentists need to break their patients’ fears, anxieties, and prejudices.

Social media marketing comes in to overcome these difficulties. One of the best ways to communicate with the target audience is through social media marketing. As a dentist, it means convincing your patients that they will receive a pain-free service. Any dentist should try the following: 

  • Explain to your patients how comfortable and reliable your examination is before they come to your examination,
  • Explain how experienced a physician you are in your job,
  • Removing prejudices against dentistry by sharing fun facts about it and spreading positivity.
  • Use social media for promoting dental clinics and services.

Image Selection of Dental Clinics for Social Media Sharing

Dental clinics have points to consider when sharing social media. When choosing the photos of the posts, they should not scare the patients who are the target audience, and they should not share images that make them sick. 

These images should not contain blood, stitches, or anything like it. 

It is necessary to pay attention to each social media channel separately. In this article, I will discuss three social media channels that dentists should pay attention to when choosing a post image. These channels are;

·   Facebook;

Facebook is the social media platform where you can reach your target audience and promote your business best. In your images, you can select photos that promote your doctors and their work.

·   Twitter;

Twitter is the best way to attract your audience to your website right away. At this point, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the images that you will publish on Twitter so that your target audience should choose the dimensions where the message goes without opening their image. 

If you support your images with hashtags, your followers are likely to return to the website.

·   Instagram;

In order for the selected images to be shared on Instagram, they must comply with the law. Instagram is the most usable platform for physicians to communicate with their patients. 

On this platform, it will be good for dentists to share the changes of their patients, information about the procedures performed and the doctor’s expertise, and to add doctors and patients to the images.

Make Your Brand Reach Large Audiences!

Since dental clinics’ marketing is all about smile aesthetics and visuality, as well as dental and oral health services, sharing images on social media can bring their brands into very different dimensions. There are some points they need to make for this. These points are;

·   Share Posts and Stories in a Planned Way with Your Target Audience;

In order for your posts to reach your target audience correctly, you should first make a planned social media post planning. Besides the post, you can also use the stories section of Instagram effectively. 

If you want them to comment, save and like your posts in order to get interaction on these channels, you can use the stories section by asking questions and answers. In addition, producing stable and creative content and getting interaction with these posts can bring your brand to large audiences.

·   Live Broadcasts; 

Organizing a live broadcast and meeting with large audiences is a positive activity for your brand, both in terms of sincerity and communication. 

Since the target audiences attach importance to the emotions and reality of the brand, they will interact with you by participating in the live broadcasts you organize, and you will realize your brand’s service marketing with sincere methods.

·   Share Q&A; 

Audiences love to respond to the stories they watch and answer questions. That’s why you can do question-and-answer activities about your clinic and the services you provide. Thus, you can analyze your target audience better, and your target audience will interact with you and communicate with you better.

·   Use IGTV Actively;

By posting long, useful videos about the services you provide on IGTV, you can break down the negative prejudices of your target audience against dentists. That’s why you can use IGTV actively.

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