➤ Things to Consider in Social Media Post Designs

Things to Consider in Social Media Post Designs

March 2, 2023
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With the internet being used more and more every day, everyone from 7 to 70 has become an internet and smartphone user. We have transitioned to a system where we carry out almost all of our work over the internet, including in our daily lives. 

Especially with the pandemic process that has affected the whole world for the last 3 years and the curfews that come with it, we have become even more integrated with the internet. Social media has also become one of the central points of our lives. We exhibit the activities we do in our daily lives and the promotion of any work we do on social media. As a result of all these processes, companies/brands have also started to actively use their social media accounts. 

It is very important for the efficient use of social media that our social media accounts describe our brand and convey the messages we want to give in the right way. This is where you entertain and connect with your followers with engaging content while increasing brand awareness

Visuals are as important as the content you share. In fact, this point is critical as the user first encounters the image. 

Before social media post designs, you should learn how to do social media management. We recommend that you optimize your social media accounts and research color psychology.

So what should you do before you start designing? What should you pay attention to in posts? Let’s examine this together if you are ready.

Plan Your Social Media Design Strategy

The first step in social media design is to create your social media strategy. Your designs should enhance your content and make it easier to deliver the message you want to convey. Therefore, in order to perform well, it is first necessary to create a solid design strategy.

1. Assess the target audiences of your existing channels. 

You may have already done audience research for your overall brand strategy. However, the target audience of each social media channel represents only a segment of your wider audience. To create the most effective social media design, analyze who is currently following your content and what they are actually looking for. 

2. Choose the best platforms to reach your target audience. 

Social media is necessary for all businesses, but that doesn’t mean that every social media platform is necessary or effective for every business. Research what options you have for social media platforms, keep track of what is popular on those platforms and organize your content accordingly.

3. Evaluate the types of content that get the most engagement. 

Narrowing the scope of your audience and social media channels allows you to focus on the types of content to create and, ultimately, how that content should be designed. Pay close attention to your competitors to get an idea of how to best utilize each channel. You can do competitor analysis for this. And always take some time to review user activity.

Post-Design Considerations

1. Dimensions Suitable for the Medium

For each social network page, the required dimensions for the cover image, profile photo, and background are different. These photos will appear in different sizes on different devices. However, if you master the post-scaling and design accordingly, you can achieve a much more successful result. 

2. Compatible Design Style

You can create a strong brand identity for your client through social media. In this process, make sure that all your designs are aesthetically similar across platforms. This brand identity can be created by using the same filters, patterns, or objects in posts across different channels. If you put text on a social media post image, you can back it up by using the same font.

3. More Images Less Text

Image-based materials have been shown to generate more retweets, likes, Facebook shares, and other types of engagement than text-only content. Include more images than words. The brain analyzes images faster than text.

4. Use of Lines

The use of straight lines emphasizes order, while the use of curved lines emphasizes flexibility and movement. With different uses of lines, attention can be directed to the desired location. When used correctly, straight lines help create an impression of order and harmony in the image, while curved lines help create an impression of tension and movement. By focusing on the use of lines in the images you use, you can guide your followers on their visual journey.

5. Typography

Choosing the right font and paying attention to typography can revitalize your social media design. When deciding on the font or fonts to use in your designs, it is very important to consider their readability. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of fonts:

  • Limit the number of fonts used in your designs to a maximum of three.
  • Use font sizes appropriate for the environment in which you share your design.
  • Prefer Sans-Serif fonts.

6. Use Contrast

The contrast in color, shape, and size is an effective way to draw attention to your work. By using contrast to differentiate elements, you can make the one element you want stand out more.

If you don’t add contrast to your design, you run the risk of it looking flat and not attracting any interest.

7. Visual Hierarchy

The most important components should be given using the largest font. When creating your social media design, you will probably be dealing with several different aspects. However, each of these aspects will be crucial to your overall message. Using hierarchy in social media design is a great way to ensure that your most important message gets to your followers first.

8. Repetition

Use the same font, color, and logo design at every opportunity. The process of repetition is important because it helps build branding and reinforces the established structure. This is also referred to in the business world as “consistent branding.”

9. Planning

Even though these tips for designing social media may seem easy to use, there may be different ways to do them. You should plan what you will share on social media every week, every day, and every month so that your posts are always coherent, consistent, and interesting.

The most basic way to keep up with the digital age is to keep up with social media trends.

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