What are Mobile Application Ads? How is it Done?


With technological advances, cell phone use has increased worldwide. While 57% of the world used cell phones in 2015, this rate reached 62% in 2019 and now nearly 80% of the world uses cell phones.

Statistics show that the number of cell phone users increased by 63 million from 4.15 billion in 2015 to 4.78 billion in 2020. Smartphones are growing at the same rate. As of 2014, 1.57 billion people worldwide were smartphone users. In 2020, this number was 3 billion.

Due to this increase in the mobile world, the number of people who develop applications and want to make money with applications is undeniably high because you can easily increase the number of downloads or promote your application and make money with the advertisements you will publish in the rapidly developing mobile world.

As Digipeak agency, we support you at every stage to maintain your strong presence in the ever-growing mobile world.

Like all our services, we adopt the principle of minimum cost and maximum efficiency in mobile advertising. We always aim for higher performance from our campaigns that we run separately for each digital medium. So how to make application ads?

This process, which is quite exciting from the time when the idea of mobile development first starts to mature in the minds until the moment it is published, does not end only by presenting the application to the users. In an increasingly competitive environment, it becomes important to do additional work to make the mobile application heard by the audience. Promotional activities, which are considered costly and tiring by many app developers, are actually the backbone of mobile app success as well as meeting customer needs.

Mobile applications may not have the chance to promise too much for users to download where they stand in the store. At this point, it is of great importance that the app stands out from its competitors. Even the usual promotional methods may sometimes not be enough to prevent your app from getting lost among millions of mobile apps.

Promote Mobile App Ads In A Single Campaign Through Google Ads

The most suitable campaign model that can be used to promote apps in Google Ads is universal app ads.

Which allows you to reach the maximum number of users through strategic targeting. Ads automatically rotate to maximize app downloads and system bids automatically adjust based on performance.

Universal app ads also help you find new app users across Google’s biggest extensions, such as Google Play, Search, YouTube and Gmail, as well as millions of websites and apps on the Google display network.

With universal mobile app ads, you can appear on Google Search, Google Play Store, YouTube, Google Display Network.

Mobile app ads are a popular money-making strategy for app developers, where app developers get paid to run ads in their apps. Mobile app ads are served through a mobile app ad network that connects advertisers and developers. The app requests an ad from the network and the network uses algorithms to identify and serve the highest paying ad to the user in real time.

There are many different types of mobile ad formats that app developers can integrate into their apps to increase app monetization, including video ad units, mobile app display ads and native mobile app ads.

Interstitial ads are full-screen images or videos that appear at transition points in an app, such as to move to the next level of play or to transition within an app. These types of ads have higher click-through rates than banner ads due to their size and larger impressions on users. Interstitial ads only appear when a user completes a task. It never interrupts the user again when they start their main app activity or play a game.

They also include the pop-up ads that don’t disappear, and the “click-to-load” images that appear anywhere on the screen in apps and redirect to the App Store.

If you are curious about how this whole process works, you can discuss detailed information with our professional team.

On the other hand, you need to connect your Play Store account to your Ads account for reporting and tracking conversions. However, for IOS applications, you need to use AppsFlyer or Adjust applications. The link to these two apps is shared below.



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