What is Yandex Metrica? A Performance Powertool !

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Yandex Metrica is an important performance measurement tool used to measure website traffic, conversions, and user behavior. Although it is not as commonly used as Google Analytics in the digital marketing space at the moment, it has some unique advantages.

Yandex Metrica application is used to measure the behavior of users visiting e-commerce shops and websites. In general, we can say it is an application that has the capabilities to rival Google Analytics. With Yandex Metrica, we can say that you can analyze all of your user’s behaviors on your chosen websites. 

While using Yandex Metrica, you can determine the organic click rates of websites, analyze user conversions on e-commerce sites, and develop strategies for further digital development.

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What are the Features of Yandex Metrica Application?

The general features of the application are explained in detail below:

-Conducting a general data analysis of websites of your choice.

-Metrics such as: user clicks and conversion rates of websites can be measured.

-Yandex Metrica is an app that you can use completely free of charge.

-The application includes analysis features such as heat map and Webvisor.

Yandex Metrica Heatmap allows you to record all user movements in case of clicking on any area on the website.

-Yandex Metrica Webvisor feature records all the movements of each user session and provides monitoring of all movements in video form.

-With Yandex Metrica, the efficiency and click rates of online and offline ads are analyzed.

Yandex Metrica Webvisor Technology

Webvisor technology in Yandex Metrica provides important insights for you to improve user experience. Metrica keeps video recordings of users’ clicks, scrolls, and behavior on the site, allowing you to analyze their behavior. What else can you do with Webvisor ?

-Create a click map to see where clicks are most concentrated.

-Creating a scroll map to see which part of the webpage users have landed on. 

-Analyzing the form map to see the interactions of the visitors with online forms.

There are link maps, click maps, and scroll maps accessible with Webvisor. The link map displays the links that visitors click the most on the website, and the click map shows the links saved on the page.

The areas on the webpage that attract the most attention from visitors to the site can be viewed with a scroll map. There is no time limit for the stored data. Additionally, the traffic data is always updated in real-time.

How to Add Yandex Metrica to Your Site?

Most of the time, you don’t need a software developer to add Yandex Metrica to your site. Because it will be enough to add the code you received through the Yandex Metrica panel between the <head> tags in the header or footer of your site. If you are using an open-source system such as WordPress, you can access many plugins related to Yandex Metrica in the Plugins section.

You can create your Tags by going to the Tags section. You can start creating your Tags by clicking Add Tag.

After clicking the Add Tag button, the following screen will appear. On this screen, you need to write the label you want in the tag name section and fill in the other fields below. 

If you want to see click count, session count, scroll map, or form interaction data in Yandex Metrica Webvisor, you must select the Session Replay, scroll map, and form analysis options. You must also accept the terms related to data processing on the right.

When you complete the Yandex Metrica installation, a screen like the one below will pop up. One of the most important things that we need to pay attention to here is to see the sub-options by clicking the Advanced Settings button. If you are an e-commerce site, the option to transfer E-commerce Data to Yandex Metrica must be turned on.

Yandex tracker codes are added at the final stage of its installation. After adding these codes to your site, Yandex Metrica will start collecting a lot of data about the website tracked.

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