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How to Use Google Trends

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If there is a brand that has just started using Google Trends, there are a few criteria to keep in mind when trying to visualize the chosen data. 

And No! Google trends is not powerful enough to predict the results of elections. 🗳️  It might give us an insight into the trends near election time, but predicting a final result from it is tricky. 😅

First of all, Google Trends makes it easy for its users to compare different Google search entries with each other. 

The total of each Google search entry chosen is divided by the location’s total searches and the time zone it represents to calculate possible popularity. Without this distinction in the algorithm, the entries with the highest search volume would always rank highest. 📈

Depending on the ratio of a search term to the number of inquiries appearing later, a scale from 0 and 100 is set in motion in accordance with all searches made on all subjects.

Different regions showing the same number of searches for a term will not always have the same total search volume.

Using Google Trends for Keyword Research

Keyword research is considered one of the most important areas to utilize Google Trends. Keyword search volumes are a key element of Google trends.

However, it is not as effective as Google’s Keyword Planner and other standard tools in the industry; yet, Google Trends is considered an excellent beginner’s tool for keyword research. 📝

Thanks to Google Trends, the chosen search paths can be selected much more clearly now.

At the same time, SEOs may have the chance to target specific queries before they reach their peak. 

Starting out when competition is low for these keywords helps the potential ROI be much higher.

Comparing Search Trends on Google Search Engines

Thanks to the News, Shopping, Images, and YouTube options found in Google Trends comparison, it is possible to explore new opportunities using SEO research. 

Image search data includes data from 2008 till the current day. SEO experts can enrich their work by taking advantage of the data stored there. Image search is not just a point that attracts attention with high query volumes. 

It also provides an opportunity to review data by staying away from places like Facebook, Amazon, and Pinterest; which might provide spammy/unreliable/biased data. 

As with the normal search function, it is possible to sort data in Google Trends by location or city. At the same time, related queries can be suggested for image search queries. 🌆

In addition, Google Trends also has the opportunity to compare these search trends with two other queries. Thus, studies can be planned by inferring which data is more popular.

Predicting & Evaluating Seasonal Demands

The most important reason why Google Trends is preferred for SEO work is its ability to analyze seasonal customer demands. ❄️🌳🍂

If a search is made for “hotels”, it is possible to see the accuracy of such seasonal demand fluctuations. You will see that the search volume for that keyword’s popularity has increased in certain months or periods. Since hotels have more search volume in the summer of each year, it can be observed that there will be an anticipated increase in this time period. 

However, there is a point to be noted in this regard: Evaluating data alone does not work for brands. This is because Google Trends is programmed to only present the number of searches of a certain term in approximate ranges without giving any absolute or definite numbers. 

However, it is possible to learn what these approximate numbers really mean by reviewing the data obtained through Google Trends on Keyword Planner

Even though Keyword Planner data is helpful in this regard, it should not be overlooked that most of the data comes from AdWords campaigns.

In short, the collected data can provide an estimated search volume for the hotels.

Featured Topics for Responsive Content

One of the most important features of Google Trends is access to real-time data. Various content marketing and SEO technologies can offer similar data, but these programs are not as efficient as Google. These data can be accessed directly from the Google Trends homepage. 

Google Trends publishes articles and search interest information that were posted in the last 24 hours. At the same time, it is possible to search regionally, to reach relative queries and/or topics.

Google Trends data is very important for brands that want to include sensitive content on their site. Using this data helps increase visibility on Web sites, social media, or other traffic channels. 

Another effective way to use Google Trends data is to analyze the targeted keyword by taking URL addresses for featured articles and reviewing them in SEO platforms like “Ahrefs” or “SearchMetrics”.

Based on the data obtained with the help of various tools, the performance of a page on certain topics such as indexing and ranking can be examined and followed. 

Qualitative studies can be carried out within the scope of related searches through this performance. At the same time, research studies help brands understand Google’s approach to prioritizing and processing current content.

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