What is Marketing Automation?


Marketing automation is a process you can utilize to optimize, personalize, and send automatically targeted messages to your customers according to their behaviors, with the help of various marketing software. 

The process that automates and combines each software is called Marketing Automation (MA). Marketing automation strategy and tools can also be defined as a technology that automatically manages marketing processes and campaigns across multiple channels.

With marketing automation tools, businesses can target customers with automated messages over email, the web, social media, and text. 

Messages are sent automatically based on sets of instructions called workflows

Workflows can be defined as templates custom-built from scratch for optimized marketing results.

Marketing and sales departments use marketing automation tools to automate online marketing campaigns and sales activities to both increase revenue and maximize efficiency. 

The complexity and workload of a growing company increase as time goes on, so marketing automation systems greatly relieve you from the burden of manual business practices altogether.

What does Marketing Automation do?

MA allows you to automatically send every email, message, campaign, or post you create within a digital marketing strategy without having to manually press the “send” button. 

Efficient automation tools help you identify your target audience, design the right content, and automatically trigger actions/events based on schedules and customer behavior. 

Once your campaign is live, you can focus on other vital tasks, then analyze your marketing plan and make detailed conversions as results begin to arrive. 

An automated marketing strategy can save time, effort, & resources and increase revenue and ROI while you focus on growing your business.

Marketing automation stats from Annuitas Group

The R&D firm, The Annuitas Group, recently shared the above statistics. Companies that use marketing automation systems have been able to boost sales by 20% in a year. Moreover, there was a stunning increase in potential and qualified customers of 451%. 

As you can see, marketing automation software is in the limelight in marketing today. We live in a time when it is pointless to engage in digital marketing without using one of these automation softwares.

How does Marketing Automation work?

You collect customer data through many interactions: emails, website visits, app usage, social media, etc. Suppose you want to tailor this data for each customer. 

This is where marketing automation comes into play and it almost does all the work for you. MA helps you speed up segmentation and targeting to identify the right audiences quickly and at scale. 

MA also automatically adapts messages to each customer profile. With a few simple clicks, it creates a relevant and personalized messaging system for email, mobile, social media, web experiences, and beyond. 

MA delivers personalized experiences to all your customers in an efficient and effective way, whether you have 10 million or 100 million of them.

Marketing automation creates relevant content marketing and messaging across multiple channels at scale. It manages the process of sending email messages with personalized dynamic content rather than just adding a customer’s name in the subject line. 

MA integrates mobile messaging with your email and social campaigns via SMS/MMS, push notifications, and group messaging. MA also creates digital ads that appear for the right person at the right time.

Marketing automation stats (second set of figures)

According to the surveys, personalized email messages, SMS / MMS, and push notifications to attract 63% of customers’ trust and appreciation, and 14.5% of them turn into real sales. 

Is Marketing Automation Easy to Use?

Yeah! In any case, the main purpose of marketing automation is its ease of use. MA’s brilliance is its ability to create campaigns with a single click. You can control all aspects of your digital marketing strategy in one place. 

With simplified user interfaces, you can also benefit from professional customer service teams that you can get continuous support from. Let’s continue with Hubspot, one of the marketing automation platforms.

Hubspot logo on white background

Thanks to HubSpot, which significantly reduces the time and effort you spend on strengthening, analyzing, and reporting your marketing and sales activities, you can significantly enhance the customer experience & service by organizing your customer journey & input. 

Since it has online tools that can be used by all units in your company, you can directly follow all of your business interactions and benefit from the information you collected before, while planning your future activities.

HubSpot users can meet all their needs in many departments, such as social media, SEO, e-mail, landing pages, and content creation, all in one place. 

In this regard, HubSpot, which adopts an “all-in-one” infrastructure approach, can be integrated into an existing website or can be used to create a new website on the platform.

HubSpot gathers many different tools such as campaigns, workflow, content strategy, reporting, and sales under a single roof. Not only showing what’s going on but also providing you with a detailed analysis of what should happen next.

Assigning tasks by scheduling, keeping track of work dates with schedules, and being able to access all this information whenever you need it is just some of the core features of HubSpot.

HubSpot vs. Other Marketing Tools

HubSpot is not simply a single piece of software added to your business. On the contrary, it could have very broad ideas or concepts that could add to your work. 

When you start using it, you may have to delete and/or redraw all of the roadmaps that you have set in motion until that day. 

However, this will provide a great benefit for your company in the long run.

Each business unit can file its own required dates, links, publications, and web pages. 

Since the paths followed in the projects are recorded, along with the automated processes created for each project, the analyzed redundant process can be easily discarded from the project plan.

You can complete your daily business plans quickly and more efficiently using the templates available. 

The time saved increases your productivity instead of dealing with tedious details, thus allowing you to take a few extra steps toward your business growth.

HubSpot is an integrated marketing, sales, and service platform that facilitates your work in many aspects and offers support that optimizes your current ranking on digital platforms. 

It allows you to create a process that is easy to manage and monitor by automating all of your business activities in the fields of marketing, sales, and service. 

It also continues to support you with analytics, recommendations, and reports to help you navigate your way through the market space.

Thanks to its regularly updated and renewed structure, HubSpot protects you from an outdated and repetitive management process.

It is also a management tool that always saves you time and supports you at every step from your marketing activities to your after-sales follow-ups.

Hubspot process cycles


Hubspot ensures that the business process, which it divides into three Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub, is managed from a single center, and ensures that there is no disconnection nor errors among these activities and units.

The Marketing Center is where strategic planning is put in place for items such as landing pages, content, automation management, analysis, and reports. The Sales Center is where detailed information about nurturing leads and customers is found. 

The Service Center supports customer interactions with after-sales services and forms the core of all the administrative tools HubSpot has to offer.

HubSpot Pricing

Prices for HubSpot’s comprehensive services vary depending on the service you need. 

There are packages where you can pay $ 50 per user per month, as well as packages that cost more than $ 180 per user.

HubSpot pricing is calculated taking into account various criteria and content of services.

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