Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Take Over the World?


In recent years, developments in artificial intelligence (augmented intelligence) technologies have been progressing rapidly and being used widely in many areas of our lives. This rapid progress naturally raises some questions and deep thoughts in people’s minds. The most important question among them is undoubtedly the concern that robots are taking over jobs which is a kind of robot apocalypse.

While some people believe that if artificial intelligence becomes more powerful than the human brain, it could take over the world, others argue that artificial intelligence is just a computer program and has no thoughts or emotions, and therefore cannot harm the world or humans in any way. But of course, the idea that artificial intelligence is killing humans and will take over the world is actually quite frightening.

After reading this article, you will decide for yourself whether artificial intelligence and robots are friends or enemies. Let’s get started!

So Why Do People Think Robots Are Taking Over Jobs?

The most decisive reason behind the idea that artificial intelligence and robots may take over the world is that this augmented intelligence can produce results faster and more efficiently than human intelligence. However, artificial intelligence technology is not yet fully equivalent to human’s. For now, it can only perform basic operations such as learning, predicting, and decision-making. In addition, although artificial intelligence technology is fast, it has not fully grasped and gained human-specific features such as creativity, imagination, and empathy.

Nevertheless, the concern that robots will take over the world one day leads people to adopt a more careful and responsible approach towards this technology. While it is reasonable for people to approach this virtual intelligence technology cautiously, as it is used in many areas of human life, it is also important to consider the contributions that artificial intelligence will provide to humans.

What Changes Will Artificial Intelligence Bring in the Future?

The future of artificial intelligence is becoming even more widespread on the slate, and may fundamentally change our lives. So how?

Artificial Intelligence and Employment

The development of artificial intelligence technology may lead to the automation of many jobs and thus an increase in unemployment rates in many sectors. However, artificial intelligence technology can also create new job opportunities.

When we think about which professions will come to the forefront in the future, examples of new professions can include artificial intelligence engineering, artificial intelligence technician, prompt engineering, AI design, and artificial intelligence marketing. Individuals who want to work in this field should closely follow technological developments, gain knowledge and experience in using artificial intelligence, and, most importantly, have the ability to adapt to these evolving technologies.

Artificial Intelligence and Health

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the diagnosis of diseases has become faster and more accurate, and this trend is expected to gain even more momentum in the coming years. For example, the robotic surgical method known as the da Vinci Surgical System allows patients from anywhere in the world to receive remote treatment.

Named after the famous Italian inventor Leonardo da Vinci and designed for the treatment of astronauts in space by doctors on Earth, this method allows a surgeon to control miniature instruments placed inside the patient’s body with a robotic arm that moves on a console. With this treatment method, the surgeon’s movements are captured by sensors in the robotic arm and transmitted to the patient’s body in real-time. As a result, the surgeon makes far fewer mistakes compared to traditional methods, and the patient’s recovery time is faster.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Automation, despite being a term that entered our lives with artificial intelligence, is actually a phenomenon that emerged much earlier. Thanks to the term known as the Industrial Revolution or the Industry Revolution, which was introduced to humanity in the 18th and 19th centuries, automation has been used in various fields, from machines powered by steam (such as ships and trains) to the textile industry.

The combination of artificial intelligence and automation enables business processes to be carried out faster, more accurately, and more efficiently in many sectors. The finance sector, logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, education, and many other sectors reduce costs by optimizing their business processes using artificial intelligence and automation technologies.

Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, many processes can be automated. This can lead to the acceleration and optimization of business processes in many sectors. For example, through the use of ambulance drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), injured individuals can be transported to hospitals much faster without being affected by environmental factors such as traffic.

Artificial Intelligence and Security

Artificial intelligence technology has also begun to be used in the field of security. In particular, the identification of criminals has become easier through facial recognition technology on cameras. Additionally, artificial intelligence technology can make cybersecurity more effective.

Artificial Intelligence and Transportation

Artificial intelligence technology can have a significant impact on transportation as well. In particular, the number of traffic accidents can be reduced thanks to autonomous vehicles. Furthermore, autonomous vehicles could enable driverless transportation.

Artificial Intelligence vs Humanity: How Will Robots Affect Our Daily Lives?

As mentioned earlier, artificial intelligence technologies used in many fields today can raise questions in people’s minds. One of these questions is, “Will artificial intelligence and robots gain superiority over us and take over the world?”

It is possible to expand this question a bit more and ask, “Can artificial intelligence technologies and robots, which make human life easier while increasing efficiency, replace humans as in some science fiction movies?”

While some of these concerns may be reasonable, certain conditions must be met for artificial intelligence technology to take over the world. First of all, the development and use of artificial intelligence technologies should be under human control. This technology should be developed and used within ethical frameworks.

Secondly, artificial intelligence technology must be advanced enough to replace humans. Artificial intelligence technologies are currently only a tool used to increase the efficiency of businesses and organizations. However, there is not yet an artificial intelligence technology advanced enough to replace humans.

Finally, for a situation like human unemployment to occur, artificial intelligence technologies must rapidly spread and be advanced enough to replace humans. However, the rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies does not provide enough time for humans to adapt to these technologies. Therefore, the concern that artificial intelligence technologies will lead to unemployment is not likely to happen anytime soon.

Digipeak & the Future of Artificial Intelligence

In conclusion, artificial intelligence and the future of humans show important correlation. With rapidly advancing technological innovations, AI and automation systems are finding their place in every aspect of our lives. Therefore, instead of being afraid of AI and thinking AI is killing humans, it is essential to understand it, keep up with its advancements, and adapt our professions to the evolving new technologies. Digipeak, as an AI development company, can play a crucial role in shaping the future of AI and helping individuals and businesses navigate this rapidly changing landscape.

The AI-supported digital marketing services such as content marketing, SEO, social media management, and creative design that Digipeak delivers to its customers help firms contact their target audiences more efficiently and acquire a competitive advantage in the digital realm. Digipeak’s creative team’s integration of artificial intelligence technology with digital marketing services is intended to give an even more effective solution to its customers. If you want to know how our AI-powered solutions may help you plan for the future with growth marketing methods, contact Digipeak.

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