The Rapid Development of Artificial Intelligence in Turkey


Turkey has been experiencing significant developments in the field of artificial intelligence in recent years. The future of artificial intelligence is a very important issue. Many initiatives and organizations investing in artificial intelligence research and applications contribute to the rapid growth of our country’s artificial intelligence ecosystem. This reveals the importance of artificial intelligence for our country.

This will enable Turkey to become an important player in the field of artificial intelligence and trigger economic growth by supporting innovation in our country. The future of AI offers great opportunities for our country, and action should be taken now to capitalize on these opportunities.

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Artificial Intelligence in Turkey

Turkey has taken important steps in recent years in the development, implementation, and dissemination of ai artificial intelligence technologies. Factors affecting AI development in Turkey include a strong technological infrastructure in the country, government investment in technology, and a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially in recent years.

One of Turkey’s important steps in terms of AI development was the publication of the Presidential Artificial Intelligence Strategy Document in 2018. This document sets out Turkey’s vision for the development and utilization of AI technologies. The document sets out Turkey’s goal of becoming a world leader in the field of AI.

Investments made in AI research and AI learning by universities and research institutes also support AI development in Turkey. There are many departments specializing in AI at universities in Turkey, where students are taught AI in education.

Many entrepreneurs in Turkey are also working on AI technologies, and many startups have been established in this field. Turkey’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has developed rapidly in recent years, which has led to significant achievements in the field of AI.

However, Turkey still has significant gaps in AI development. Businesses and institutions must invest in artificial intelligence technologies, particularly in their implementation. In addition, more qualified human resources are needed for Turkey to achieve its goal of becoming a world leader in the field of AI in business.

Which Universities Offer Artificial Intelligence Departments?

There are many artificial intelligence departments or departments in artificial intelligence universities in Turkey. 

Here are some examples of artificial intelligence learning with AI courses:

Istanbul Technical University: There is an ITU artificial intelligence program specializing in Artificial Intelligence within the Computer Engineering department.

Bogazici University: The Computer Engineering department offers elective courses in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Sabancı University: There are undergraduate and graduate programs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within the Computer Science and Engineering department. 

Bilkent University: The Computer Engineering Department offers elective courses in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Koç University: The Department of Computer Engineering offers elective courses in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

METU: The Department of Computer Engineering offers elective courses in Artificial Intelligence.

Izmir Institute of Technology: The Department of Computer Engineering offers elective courses in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

These are just a few examples of artificial intelligence, and there are many universities in Turkey with departments related to artificial intelligence. In addition, some universities have research centers and institutes that focus on topics such as AI and machine learning.

How Much Artificial Intelligence Is Used in Turkey?

The use of Turkish AI has a rapidly increasing trend. Artificial intelligence is used in many sectors, and the areas of use of AI intelligence are diversifying. Especially in sectors such as health and health tourism, finance, retail, energy, logistics, and industry, the use of artificial intelligence has become quite common. Therefore, there is no one area where AI is most widely used; it is already quite common in most sectors.

For example, in healthcare, ai artificial intelligence is used in the early diagnosis of diseases, treatment planning, medical imaging analysis, and patient follow-up. It contributes to the development of the health sector. Artificial intelligence in finance can be used in many areas, such as fraud detection, credit risk analysis, customer service, portfolio management, and market analysis. In the retail sector, artificial intelligence is used in many areas, such as customer behavior, inventory management, demand forecasting, and product recommendations.

In Turkey, many entrepreneurs and companies are also active in the use of artificial intelligence. Even artificial intelligence in transportation has gained importance. In particular, the start-up ecosystem has many programs and investors supporting entrepreneurs in AI. Moreover, the public sector in Turkey is also taking various steps to encourage the use of AI technologies.

With the increasing use of Turkey AI, ethical, legal, and social issues surrounding this technology are also on the agenda. To deal with these issues, there are also institutions that inform the public about the use of AI intelligence and take regulatory measures. Therefore, the concept is “AI for everyone”.

How is Artificial Intelligence in Turkey?

Artificial intelligence has become increasingly popular in Turkey in recent years, and there are many entrepreneurs, researchers, and companies working on this technology. In our nation, the state also supports the use of artificial intelligence technologies, which is becoming more common in many industries.

Especially recently, there has been an increase in the number of companies investing in AI technologies and optimizing their business processes using these technologies. Many companies in Turkey are developing artificial intelligence app and using these technologies for many purposes, such as increasing customer satisfaction, improving business processes, and increasing productivity.

In addition, researchers working on the application of artificial intelligence in Turkey have realized many successful projects. For example, artificial intelligence algorithms developed at Bilkent University are used in the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Artificial intelligence applications developed at Sabancı University are used by security forces to identify and apprehend criminals.

On the other hand, ethical, legal, and social issues related to AI technologies are also on the agenda in Turkey. In order to deal with these issues, steps are being taken to regulate the use of artificial intelligence studies, inform the public, and set ethical rules.

Artificial Intelligence Initiatives in Turkey

There are many artificial intelligence initiatives in Turkey. These initiatives use AI technologies to optimize business processes in different sectors, increase customer satisfaction, and improve efficiency. 

Here are some AI startups in Turkey:

Armut: Armut is a startup operating in the service sector that uses AI technologies to find service providers that meet the needs of customers.

Insider: Insider is a startup operating in the marketing sector that aims to create more effective marketing strategies by analyzing the behavior of customers using artificial intelligence technologies.

Fazla Gıda: Fazla Gıda is a startup in the food industry that uses AI technologies to identify food to be thrown away in grocery stores and prevent it from being wasted. is a startup operating in the animal health sector that aims to monitor the health status of animals and diagnose diseases using artificial intelligence technologies.

Sia: Sia is a startup operating in the field of artificial intelligence in education and aims to provide a more effective education by tracking the learning process of students using artificial intelligence technologies.

Invidyo: Invidyo is a startup operating in the baby and childcare sectors that aims to increase safety and provide a more comfortable experience for parents by monitoring babies and children using artificial intelligence technologies. 

The number of such AI startups in Turkey is increasing, and these startups are making significant contributions to the national economy.

Turkey Artificial Intelligence Initiative

The Turkish AI Initiative (TRAI) is an initiative to develop, disseminate, and sustain artificial intelligence research and applications in Turkey. Faculty from Bogazici University founded TRAI in 2018, and it now has members from a number of Turkish universities, businesses in the private sector, and civil society organizations. 

TRAI carries out various activities for the sustainable use of artificial intelligence technologies. In this context, it focuses on developing ai applications in accordance with ethical and social responsibility principles, supporting artificial intelligence and research in education, and establishing sectoral and academic collaborations.

TYAKİ also organizes events that bring together researchers, entrepreneurs, and companies working in the field of artificial intelligence in Turkey. These include AI conferences, training programs, competitions, and workshops.

The Turkish AI Initiative plays an important role in raising awareness of AI in Turkey and contributing to the development of the sector.

National Artificial Intelligence Strategy

A National Artificial Intelligence Strategy is a document that describes how a country will set a roadmap for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and how these technologies will be developed, used, and managed. These strategies help countries increase their leadership in AI technologies, increase the economic and social benefits of these technologies, and address potential risks around the impacts of the technology.

The preparation of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy in Turkey started in 2018 and was finalized in 2020. During the preparation of the strategy, opinions were received from many public and private sector organizations, academics, and civil society organizations in Turkey.

The main objectives of the strategy are for Turkey to become a leading country in AI technologies, maximize the economic, social, and humanitarian benefits of these technologies, improve the lives of citizens, and increase the efficiency of public services. 

The strategy sets six strategic goals for the development and use of AI technologies: 

  • Strengthening the AI ecosystem, 
  • AI research and development, 
  • Supporting innovative AI-driven industries, 
  • Development of AI human resources, 
  • Addressing the ethical and humanitarian dimensions,
  • Addressing AI information security and data management issues.

The National Artificial Intelligence Strategy is an important step that aims to increase Turkey’s leadership in AI technologies between 2021 and 2025 and has enabled the implementation of various projects and programs to support the country’s developments in AI.

Artificial Intelligence and Technology Association of Turkey

The Turkish Artificial Intelligence and Technology Association is a non-governmental organization established to research, develop, and disseminate artificial intelligence technologies in Turkey and to ensure cooperation between individuals and institutions operating in this field.

The mission of the association is to conduct research, organize trainings, and develop projects on artificial intelligence studies in order to ensure the spread of AI technology in our country and provide social benefit.

It is a platform that brings together academics, researchers, students, and industry representatives operating on artificial intelligence technology in Turkey. The association organizes events to raise awareness about artificial intelligence technology and follows the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

The goals include the dissemination of artificial intelligence technologies in Turkey, the development of domestic artificial intelligence technologies, the training of human resources working in the field of artificial intelligence ai, and increasing the use of artificial intelligence technologies throughout the country.

With its activities in the field of artificial intelligence ai, the Association makes significant contributions to Turkey’s development in AI technology.

Turkey Artificial Intelligence Platform

The Turkish Artificial Intelligence Platform is a platform that brings together academics, researchers, and industry representatives working on artificial intelligence in Turkey. TYAP was established to increase the use of artificial intelligence technologies in Turkey, to support the development of domestic AI technologies, and to raise awareness of AI technologies for everyone.

AITR’s goals include increasing the use of artificial intelligence technologies in Turkey, supporting research and projects on these technologies, developing domestic artificial intelligence technologies, conducting training and information activities on ai applications, and presenting policy recommendations for the use of these technologies throughout the country.

AITR works to increase Turkey’s potential in artificial intelligence technologies and to contribute to the country’s competitiveness in the international arena in this field. TYAP’s activities include organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, and training programs on artificial intelligence.

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