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Instagram has a significant impact on business as well as social life. Many brands use Instagram to increase brand awareness, market their products, and target potential customers. At the same time, businesses, influencers, and other social media influencers can gain a huge following and profit from Instagram.

Do you also want to increase your awareness? Do you post a lot and advertise a lot, but don’t get the return you want? Maybe you are overcoming big mountains and missing the smallest details such as Instagram trends. In this article, we will talk about what you need to do to have a successful Instagram profile.

Instagram Current Data

According to 2023 research results, Instagram is the most popular social media platform, with 1.478 billion monthly active users worldwide. The gender distribution among the platform’s users is 49% female and 52% male. If you want to be successful on Instagram, you should definitely follow the latest updates and user movements. Let’s talk about a few items from the current Instagram user movement report for 2023.

  1. Instagram shopping tools can increase your sales by 300%!

44% of Instagram users make weekly purchases on the platform. Since the platform introduced basic shopping tools, such as linking to shared products, it now offers a complete social commerce solution.

  1. People spend 30 minutes a day on Instagram.

The average time Instagram users spend on the app per person is 30 minutes a day. If that doesn’t sound like a lot, let’s look at the averages for other platforms.

  • Amazon (shopping): 13 minutes.
  • Twitter: 14 minutes.
  • YouTube: 18 minutes.
  1. Instagram ads reach almost 1/3 of all internet users.

Instagram ads reach up to 1.48 billion people. That’s 29.9% of all internet users worldwide and 23.9% of everyone over the age of 13.

Instagram ads also have a significant impact on brand sentiment. 50% of people say they find Instagram business account ads more interesting after seeing them.

Remember that these numbers are real, and you can reach a very large audience. In the rest of our article, we will talk about the requirements for a successful Instagram profile. We will not tell you to “post this much, share this many Instagram reels“. We will examine the subject through “professional Instagram account appearance”, not sharing frequency, post type, or ad spending.

A Professional Look for Instagram Profiles

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Don’t Underestimate the Biography Section

Your Instagram bio is one of the most important parts that helps your Instagram followers get to know you. Therefore, introduce yourself by carefully creating an Instagram profile layout with your bio. Include keywords related to your business or brand and a short tagline so that your Instagram followers can learn more about you. 

Use clear language to explain who you are and what you do. Don’t underestimate the Instagram algorithm! Make sure to include relevant keywords or Instagram hashtags to help your profile appear in Instagram search results.

Include a call to action in your bio. This can be a simple request, like asking users to click on the link in your bio to buy your products. A strong call to action will help drive traffic to your website or other social media channels.

The Impact of Highlights is Bigger Than You Think

Your Instagram profile is like the front door of your business. It is your first impression on potential customers. Therefore, the look of your profile should be engaging. Remember, Instagram is a visual medium, and you only have a few seconds to grab users’ attention!

  • Think of Instagram Highlights like a shop window.
  • Constantly update your content and showcase your best work here.
  • Make sure your cover names and images are engaging.
  • Use well-designed covers that fit your brand’s overall aesthetic and style.
  • Make sure your covers are attention-grabbing and easy to understand.
  • Make sure your followers can quickly understand what the highlight is about just by looking at the cover image.
  • Use no more than four Instagram highlights, and group related content in the same section.
  • Don’t bombard your creative Instagram profiles with highlights.
  • Remove pinned stories that are outdated.

Set a Professional Profile Photo

Your profile picture reflects the identity of your account. Therefore, you need to choose a quality and unique Instagram profile picture. If you are a brand or a business, use your brand logo or an image compatible with your brand as an effective profile picture. Make sure that the photo you choose is compatible with the other images you will use on your account. Make sure the image is high quality and represents your brand accurately.

If you want to update your information or change your profile picture, Instagram profile editing is the way to do it. Choosing the right Instagram profile photo is crucial to making a good first impression on your audience.

Develop a Brand Aesthetic 

When it comes to your Instagram profile, it’s important to develop a brand aesthetic that aligns with your overall brand identity. Having a consistent look and feel across your insta posts and profile can help your brand become instantly recognizable to your target audience.

But don’t get too caught up in creating the perfect aesthetic. While aesthetic Instagram editing is important, substance is always more important. Research shows that 58% of users prefer sincere and simple content to overly elaborate, flashy posts.

Whether simple or flashy, the quality of the images you share is very important. Create a sense of unity by using colors, patterns, and styles that are compatible with your brand. Use creative ideas to make your images unique and engaging.

Even if you don’t have the resources to hire a professional photographer, there are many ways to improve your visual world. Some of these include artificial intelligence programs. You can learn more about this in our article, “Artificial Intelligence Applications and Their Impact on the Design World.” 

Remember, with the right visuals, you can attract your target audience and ultimately grow your profile.

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Utilize In-App Features

The constant state of Instagram’s development shows that the platform is working to provide a better experience for its users. To make your Instagram profiles more effective, you can take advantage of features within the app, including the following.

  • Product Tags: If you have an Instagram store, you can tag your products in your posts and stories, allowing users to tap the product name directly and checkout in-app. This feature can significantly increase sales by making it easier for customers to make purchases.
  • Links: Use links to direct people to any URL, especially if you don’t have an Instagram store. You can link to external sites in your story or bio. This makes it easier for users to find and buy your products.
  • Questions: Use the “Ask a Question” feature to get quick feedback from your followers. Ask them what they would like to see more of, what their favorite products are, or any other questions you can think of.
  • Gift Cards and More: Depending on your account type, you can have people buy gift cards or order food from your store. This is a great way to increase sales and engagement.

By using these features effectively, you can create a successful Instagram profile that helps you connect with your audience and increase sales.

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